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6th Profil Klett ELT Meeting

Predavač: Herbert Puchta, Ivana Kirin, Jakob Patekar Petak 03. 12. 2021.18:00 - 20:30 WEBINAR
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‘Tis the season to be jolly… for we will put our webcams, headsets, textbooks and tests aside for a bit and bask in the joy of the upcoming holidays: we will enjoy heaps of delicious biscuits and sweets, fill our homes with heart-warming scents of Christmas, surround ourselves with friends and family, and re-charge our batteries for another year full of new challenges.

But before we step out of our 2021 classrooms and hide our backpacks and laptops where we can’t see them (at least until Boxing Day, when they will probably lure us back to them with their siren song), we cordially invite you to join us for our online workshops that will help you step into yet another year with some fresh and creative ideas. Keep your spirits high, get inspired and catch the Christmas bug!

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Herbert Puchta: Using Stories in ELT to help Develop the Students’ Ownership of Language (18:00 – 19:00)

Linguistic and emotional development takes place when students have English-language ownership of their own stories. The sense of ownership is best achieved not just by getting students to re-tell stories they have already met, but also by encouraging their interaction with those stories and by helping them to harvest their language and content. This is important not only linguistically but also holistically, because stories depict and highlight the many meanings of life; they tell us humans who we are – and, crucially, who we could be, as well. In this session, we will talk about the importance of stories from a neuro-biological point of view, and show what we can do in the classroom to help students to engage better with stories. We will also look at techniques we can use to help students memorise important chunks of language from the stories so they will eventually learn to enjoy telling their own stories and develop the sense of ownership that is a significant part of successful language learning.


Ivana Kirin & Jakob Patekar: What Lies Beyond Buckingham Palace (19:00 – 20:00)

Our English language learners could probably major in getting around London and minor in the Queen's dietary preferences. Seriously, though, English has become enormous, spanning numerous countries and cultures, acting as a medium that helps people connect, share ideas, and understand each other. And to understand 'the other', we need to be able to understand where they are coming from, what drives them. Often, this is their culture. In this workshop we explore what lies beyond Buckingham Palace, the rich cultural heritage we lose sight of when we dedicate our class time exclusively to one or two English-speaking countries as representatives of a language used by more than a billion people around the world.


PUB Quiz (20:00 – 20:20)

Unleash your knowledge of Christmas trivia and you’ll be on song. As always, fab prizes and eternal glory included!

Herbert Puchta
A world-famous author and international teacher trainer who has given talks, seminars and workshops to teachers in over 50 countries. Each classroom he visits makes him see how brilliantly creative teachers can be and how hard they work. It also teaches him a little more about students’ hearts and minds. He strongly believes that these insights are powerful tools, and – in combination with the latest research from cognitive psychology, pedagogy, brain research and linguistics – can produce compelling results when applied in the language classroom.
Ivana Kirin
An inspired teacher, tireless author of the Hello, World! textbook series and a PBL pioneer. She never gets tired of looking for (and also finding) some great ways around the usual and difficult. To be able to go boldly where no teacher has gone before, she keeps her creativity and energy levels high by enjoying good books, making delicious Thai soups and baking out-of-this-world cupcakes.
Jakob Patekar
A teacher and a researcher with many interests, from early language learning and curriculum development to language policy and language assessment. His one true passion, however, is – punctuation. At this time of year, all his free time is devoted to designing a Christmas village display that brings joy to his family and friends.