ELT meeting - Day 2

Predavač: Marcus Fernando, Daška Domljan & Ankica Knezović, Mia Šavrljuga Petak 04. 12. 2020.18:00 - 20:30 WEBINAR
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Yet another challenging year is nearing its end. We all secretly hope all our troubles will magically disappear with New Year knocking on our door… Unfortunately, we are painfully aware that unicorns aren’t real, and that we might be in for a longer ride. But there’s a silver lining to everything: haven’t we all become more proficient in all things digital? Haven’t we felt this period, although really difficult at times, was also very stimulating? And, once again, haven’t we proven to ourselves that, working together, we take whatever life throws at us?

Since life keeps throwing, we have to keep catching! Therefore, we cordially invite you to join us for our online workshops and talks that will help you face the year that is to come with a fresh (and jolly!) perspective. Keep your spirits high, get inspired and catch the Christmas bug!

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Marcus Fernando: Fun in the Hybrid Classroom (18:00 – 18:35)

The saying goes that everyone remembers a good teacher. Fun and humour will definitely make everyone more memorable. In these challenging and often grim times it’s not so easy to be as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, especially in the classroom, be it the regular but masked one or the virtual one. Not easy, but not entirely impossible.


Daška Domljan & Ankica Knezović: The Ins and Outs of Virtual Classroom (18:40 – 19:10) 

What are the traps of the digital classroom that can lead to cognitive overload, which can at times be distracting and counterproductive for students and teachers alike? Only by integrating the new media and technology with the appropriate teaching methodology can we achieve a pedagogical shift that can work for the new generations of students. It goes without saying that Ronnie is more than up to this task, don't you think?


Mia Šavrljuga: The 12 Games of Christmas: Play Your Way into Christmas Season (19:15 – 19:45)

'Tis the season to be jolly so be jolly without any folly and get super-charged for the Christmas season. We'll be sharing practical ideas for our 12 Games of Christmas pack and helping you roll into Christmas, Santa-style. Tune in and jolly out!


PUB Quiz (19:50 – 20:10)

Marcus Fernando
Marcus Fernando is an actor, a director, a photographer, a puppeteer and a teacher. He used to be always on the move with his Croatian-born wife and a fellow theatre aficionado, but now they have settled in England, acting and directing from London to Birmingham.
Daška Domljan & Ankica Knezović
Daška Domljan and Ankica Knezović are well-known and experienced teachers, presenters, and textbook authors. This dynamic duo is bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm, believes sharing is caring and loves spreading Christmas cheer in their workshops!
Mia Šavrljuga
Mia Šavrljuga is inspirational at whatever she does, and giving lectures is just one of her many talents, especially when it is based on her own classroom experience.