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7th Profil Klett ELT Meeting

Predavač: Cody McClain Brown, Daška Domljan, Snježana Pavić, Mia Šavrljuga, Paul O’Grady Subota 03. 12. 2022.08:30 - 14:30 STRUČNI SKUPZagreb, Heinzelova ul. 60
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We are going live in three, two, one…


After two years of online workshops, we are excited to have you with us once again! We invite you to take the opportunity to pause and reflect on all the year that is behind us, and to face the year that is to come with a fresh perspective.  


Apart from the traditional workshops that our brilliant English teachers, ELT experts, textbook authors and creative geniuses have in store for you, we bring you something different as well! As Christmas is a time for sharing, we invite you to join the discussion and take part in our programme, too. Is there a project you have particularly enjoyed doing this year, or have you found an activity that makes even the least interested students want to join in? Apply to our TeachMeet session and tell us all about it! 


Join us for a cup of tea and a chat and let us kindle your Christmas spirit at the 7th Annual Christmas ELT Meeting!  


Please make sure to apply on time because the number of participants is limited. 


Prikaz lokacije na karti: 
Cody McClain Brown
Cody McClain Brown is a legal alien in Zagreb. He is an American who teaches at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He is also raising his child, he walks his dog, and – writes. He has plenty to say about how different (and, for that matter, how similar) our two societies are.
Daška Domljan
Daška Domljan is one of the pioneers of early language teaching in Croatia. This well-known and experienced teacher, presenter and textbook author is always bubbling with enthusiasm, believes sharing is caring and loves spreading cheer and inspiring ideas in her workshops! 
Snježana Pavić
Snježana Pavić is an inspired EFL teacher, a lecturer, a reviewer and an author. She has also been a curriculum developer and a coordinator of the team recording video lessons. When she’s not busy working, Snježana enjoys taking long walks and advocating kindness everywhere she goes.
Mia Šavrljuga
Mia Šavrljuga lifts spirits everywhere she goes! In some 16 odd years of teaching, she has taught students at all ages and levels. She has also been an Editor at Profil Klett. Currently, she is juggling working as a secondary school teacher, co-authoring ELT coursebooks and managing everyday life.
Paul O’Grady
Paul O’Grady is an Irishman born in Dublin but living in Vodnjan where he moved to after living in Osijek and Zagreb. He is an architect, teacher, author, business owner and a proud dad who is passionate about human dynamics and how we communicate.