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BEEHIVE 2 Student Book with Online Practice

Level: Beginner - Pre-A1
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Cheryl Palin, Helen Casey, Setsuko Toyama, Tamzin Thompson, Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina, Michelle Mahony and Joanna Ross, and Diana Anyakwo



- comprehensive grammar and vocabulary syllabus based on the Oxford English Learning Framework and course-integrated assessment help students to achieve exam success
- easy-to-teach approach with rich support empowers you to teach with confidence
- “Team Up” tasks and projects help students grow their global skills of communication and collaboration
- “Think, feel, grow” activities guide students' social and emotional awareness and wellbeing
- stories and videos bring international culture alive, encouraging students to learn about the world and become global citizens
- assessment for Learning tools and guidance help students to accelerate their progress and achieve their goals at each stage of the learning journey

- save time with ready to go homework activities and extra practice aligned to your course.
- set clear practice by managing what your students see - lock and unlock units, lessons or individual activities.
- engage your students with videos, audio and various interactive activities with instant automated marking and awards.
- track and analyze your students' progress and scores using the integrated Gradebook with a variety of easy to use, visual reports that can be shared with students and parents.
- manage home-learning with confidence - quickly create classes, enrol your students, assign practice and communicate via the messages function and discussion boards.
- easy to access on desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

- with the Student Book with Online Practice learners use the Student Book to participate in class, and access Online Practice to continue learning outside of class. Ideal for students who need to use print books in the classroom

ISBN: 9780194845816


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