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From Zero to Hero

by Tomislav Palić, grade 7

Just why? Why is this happening to me? Even though I love her, she hates me. Even though I want to give her everything, she doesn’t care about me… But, let me start from the very beginning, so that you can understand what’s going on…

I have been feeling very sad since I have changed school. I miss my old friends. I want to be close to them, but it is hard, and I have made a decision to look for some new friends. How about turning this fresh start, starting from zero, into becoming a hero?!

I went to the principle and soon I was sitting in a new class. I was very nervous intending not to embarrass myself in front of the new colleagues. Anyway, I suddenly found myself next to a beautiful girl and at the same moment I really liked her smile. Yeah, I guess, it was the love at the first sight, indeed.

After I was introduced to the class, I was showed my place, next to her. I was happy because of that. I also appreciated the fact that it was the lesson of English, my favourite. It seemed that everyone was amused how good I was at English. I even got a nickname, which I really hate, “The Floor”, which is still an enigma to me… The reason, I guess, must had been something nasty.

Anyway, everyone grouped around my seat during the brake, asking a bunch of questions. I was patiently answering one by one when I heard her sentence: “Have you got a girlfriend?”

“Not at all! “ I uttered the quickest answer staring at her in surprise. “Have I been introduced to you?” she asked slowly and self-confidently. And her name was Antonia. I could have predicted, something in “A”. From that moment it meant “the number one” for me… The others left us alone, and even the teacher proposed her to show me the school. I was the happiest person in the world.

Next day, when I entered the classroom, I was shocked looking at an unknown guy sitting on my place! I caught some weird vibes in the way how he looked at me, but I was still trying to make my voice sound friendly while I was explaining that the place was mine. “Who do you think you are?” he roared in deep voice full of rage. He was ready to punch me, but Antonia stopped him. “Are you going to hurt everyone?” “I’m the boss here!” he said. “You’re just a bully here, I don’t like bullies, you know?” she said in a sweet voice. His rage calmed down, but I knew it wouldn’t be over. He left my place generously, and I thanked him, but I was worried if I acted dully. She protected me, and I’d rather die of a bunch of blows than to be protected by a girl like this.

For the worse, I discovered that there was something between these two, and my whole world turned upside down. His name is Cassius Kirkpatrick and he is the strongest guy in this school. But guess what, every night since then I have been dreaming… That I saw Antonia and Cassius walking in front of me, and she came to me and gave me a letter. In that letter she was begging me to revenge her if something bad happen to her… But it is just a weird dream. In reality, she acts as if she likes me only for one day, and the very next day she likes him and hates me…

So I keep asking myself why this happen? Even though I love her, she hates me. Even though I want to give her everything, she doesn’t care about me…

mentor: Ljiljana Vučković

OŠ Voćin