PROFIL KLETT invites you to apply to a storytelling contest and BUILD A STORY!

Why do we love stories? Some say it’s because we all are stories – each and every life is a story made of many different stories and adventures. A story waiting to be told. And what makes up a story? Are they only sequences of words and jumbles of letters? Certainly not. Stories have protagonists, antagonists, events, plots, obstacles, beginnings, middles, and endings… And they have emotions and meanings. The very fabric that makes our lives.

We invite you to encourage your pupils to join in this game where specific jumbles of letters and sequences of words make new stories and create emotions and meanings. We invite you to build a story! There is a saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. We challenge you to mentor your pupils to write a story of maximum 1000 words based on 9 pictures.

You can download the pictures here.


Pupils (grades 5 to 8) are invited to arrange nine illustrations in whichever order they find best and write a corresponding story of 250 to 1000 words.


English teachers – mentors – can apply with up to three stories per grade. Maximum number of stories per mentor is twelve. Each story can have only one author.


Authors of the most imaginative stories will be awarded with cool prizes – fun educational games, interesting books, and t-shirts. Each mentor will receive a mentorship certificate and each author will receive a diploma. A book with twelve winning stories will be published and distributed to every primary school English teacher in Croatia.


Log-in to or register on our website and fill in the application form and proceed to arrange all the illustrations and parts of the story as your pupils imagine it.