Let's build a story!


by Ela Bijuk, grade 7

Hi, my name is Tom and I am 63. I found my old photo album the other day, you know! It holds the most beautiful memories of my life, together with a map. It's very precious, my child! If you want to find out what it means and how I found it, just relax and I'm going to tell you how my friends and I saved the world!

There were five of us in our team. Ted, Miffy, Skippy, Annie and me (Tom). Annie is 12 like me. We are neighbours and best friends. Her hair is dark as coal, but her skin is white as snow. Her favourite colour is red.

In our adventures we met Ted (a bear) and Miffy, tiny little bunny, soft like a snowflake. Miffy and Ted are childhood friends too. Now, you must be wondering why Ted did not eat Miffy. Well, Ted is a vegetarian. His favourite food are raspberries. And so, this is how we became a team. After a couple of weeks as we were on the mission, we met Skippy, the squirrel, brown as chocolate. Are you interested in Skippy's story? If yes, just continue reading! We live in a small village where Emily disappeared a few years ago. She was nine years old then. Since then, nobody has been able to find her........

Skippy lived in a beautiful forest where birds sang and flowers smelled better than any perfume!

Everything was perfect until one day.Skippy told us that strange,huge creatures had destroyed the forest. I guess, they were excavators. Skippy wandered for days, he did not know where to go and so we met. And I'm glad we did!

We had so many adventures,the five of us. We spent our days outdoors.Mostly, we stayed on a meadow surrounded by the forest. That was our place. One day smoke came through the chimney from an abandoned lodge at the edge of the forest. It was weird, but we found out that it was something else coming out of it...

It was Dr Phill. He was a scientist, better to say a crazy scientist. The scum that came out of the chimney were clouds. Dr Phill was about to make a storm the world hadn't seen yet. We had to stop him. First, we decided to go to my house and get our Super suits so nobody would know who we were.

We went to the attic. There was a trunk there with everything we needed. When we finally got our suits we needed some weapons. I took a cook, Miffy took a toilet brush, and Skippy claimed he had so powerfull hands that he would not need any of it.

After an hour of walking we finally saw a cottage. The sky began to darken, which meant we didn't have enough time! So we rushed, but suddenly I stopped. I had remembered the perfect idea! We'll make a monster out of our weapons! We continued to move slowly to the cottage. When we arrived we built a monster quickly. The door was open so we could easily enter the cottage. We saw him and...

Bang, bang! Dr Phill fell down out of fear as soon as he saw the monster. His papers were flying everywhere. And suddenly Bang again! Dr Phill simply exploded! I could not believe my eyes. I stood there speechless...as I saw something strange coming out of the explosion. I looked closer...it was...

A map! A real map! It was the most beautiful map ever, it was golden. First I thought it was a treasure map, but then I took it, and realized it was actually... I was speechless again. The map had clues so we could find princess Emily! We were all astonished. We decided to find her. But how we would do that? Could we do it? Where to begin?! But we were sure about one thing... our new adventure was about to begin...

mentor: Darija Tomašić