Let's build a story!

The Adventures of the Little Explorers

by Eva Brnabić, grade 6

Kids were playing Indians. They walked into the laboratory and made strange noises. The scientist was very angry. He thought that revenge would be the best way to sadden them.

            The scientist wanted their best friend, Fox, to be very sad, so he chopped all the trees to make a better and bigger laboratory from the wood. He even made rails up to his lab. The fox was very sad and she moved out. She left all her friends who lived there. Although the forest was her only home, she could not stand the injustice that was made to her. When kids saw that, they wanted to help, so they went to the small lab and stole the map. They realized that it was a map to a better, cleaner forest. The naughty scientist had stolen the map from the people who want to save our woods and our planet from pollution. The children had to pass a big, abandoned castle, a naughty owl, through the big mountains, and in the end they would reach the clean, dense forest. When they finally got to the forest, they buried the map in a deep hole, so that no one will ever be able to steal it. The forest will be clean forever. It is somebody’s only home.

            “And that is how this story concludes,” said the grandfather.

            “But granddad, can you tell me one more story, please?”

            “Maybe next time I will. Now go to sleep, you have to go to school tomorrow.”

mentor: Nađa Brlek

OŠ Ljubo Babić