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Treasure Map

by Katja Motik, grade 6

          Like every other day, the old man was sitting on his comfortable chair in his study and read newspapers turning a page per page. He read articles about football, politics, business and other things when he came to the article with a very strange topic. It was about a scientist Roby.

          Roby studied electricity, electronics, universe, planets, machines, missiles, natural phenomena and such things. Day in, day out he was studying science. Only few people knew that, among other things, he owned a treasure map. Some believed it showed a real spot where you could find treasure and some that it was only a rumour. One day he noticed a strange shadow that scared and stifled him. He looked better and found out that the shadow came from some children who were looking for a treasure map. These were a boy named Alex, a squirrel Lulu, a bunny Ray a bear Max and a girl Sara. When they found the map, they studied it carefully and recognized paths and meadows. They started following the path which led them to a forest which they observed more carefully with the binoculars.

          In the distance they noticed a pile of costumes, caps, Indian dresses and such things. They quickly ran there and tried them out. They looked very funny and they felt a bit weird. As they were brave, they went further into the forest to search it. They soon realized they were in an unknown forest, but they did not get scared and walked deeper and deeper inside. They found treasure there which was exactly on the spot marked with the cross on their map. They started to have fun and jump all over the forest out of happiness.

          Strangely, Lulu was the only one that was away from the group. Finally, she sat on the ground all angry and sad. Namely, it turned out that she was selfish and wanted all the treasure for herself and, from the beginning she did not care for others and for their friendship. Later, when they started searching the way back home, the only one who went to the opposite direction was the squirrel. Lulu became sad and lonely.

          I honestly think she was sorry for everything and realized that it was not good to be selfish and think only of oneself. The legend says that she learned her lesson in this adventure and turned to a good and generous squirrel. After some time she even found again her friends and everything turned out to be fine.

                                                    THE END

mentor: Filomena Horvatić

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