Let's build a story!

You have to save the nature

by Korina Jambrušić, grade 5

One day, Grandpa Joseph finds an old photo album. On page five, there is a photo of his favourite forest when he was a child. He tells his grandchildren, Harry and Emily to go there and see how it looks like now.

On the way to the forest, they meet a bear Timmy, a squirrel Veronica and a bunny Eric. They are sad, because some people destroyed their homes. They all go there to see what is happening. They look through the binoculars and see people destroying the forest with big machines.

Animals that live there have no home anymore. It's getting dark, so they decide to go home. On the way home, they find a map with x on it. They want to discover what that x means.

They return the next day. They decide to put on masks to make their adventure more fun and exciting. They are walking through the forest and reading the map.

At one point, Emily sees a little house.  In the house lives a scientist who invented a light bulb. But not just any light bulb. That is the light bulb that can save any forest. But... How? It can make trees grow again. For that it needs sunlight and special energy that is already in the light bulb.

Harry, Emily, a bear Timmy, a squirrel Veronica and a bunny Eric step into the house. Just then the scientist sees the children’s shadow. He is scared that someone is trying to steal his light bulb, so he hides. When the scientist realizes that the shadow is just children, he comes out. He explains the children what is that light bulb for. They all agree that they need to save the forest and give animals their homes back.

It is getting dark. The scientist lights his light bulb and the whole forest is coming back; tree by tree. When they see how beautiful the forest is, they promise each other that from now on, they are going to keep this forest green and full of trees and plants.

They get back home and tell everything to Grandpa Joseph. He is very proud of them. He gives them his old chest with toys. He always played with them in the forest when he was young.

Now Harry, Emily and their new friends Timmy, Veronica and Eric can play with them in the forest, too.

mentor: Arijana Lenardić

OŠ Grgura Karlovčana