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The Wonderland

by Ella Lulić, grade 7

The Wonderland


Once upon a time in a small village lived very nice and a bit mysterious kids. They were so smart.

When they were in their small but warm house they found a map. On that map everything, every place looked almost impossible. They wanted to see that land. Next morning the boy named James, girl named Nikkie, their cat Laura, rabbit Patrick and bear Jeffree took the things they needed for the trip and went to the Wonderland. First they passed a desert. There was so hot. They saw snakes, lizards, giraffes... A snake almost bit Nikkie but James saved her. That was the moment she fell in love with him. James and Nikkie were so cute together. They passed first mission but then... Then they noticed a scary forest. There were a lot of dangerous animals like lions, disgusting birds, huge spiders... But they didn’t give up. Rabbit Patrick, who was the smallest, wasn’t afraid of anything. They walked through the forest and then the big bird, it’s better to say huge, giant ( the bird that no one has ever seen)took them with her claws but thank God, bear Jeffree, you know, gained a lot of pounds so he lost his balance and fell on them just in the moment that bird wanted to take them. They stayed lying on the ground for two hours. Then they got up and started to walk through the forest which they thought, hasn’t got the end. Later, the darkness came. Everyone knows how forests are scary at night. They lied down on the ground and fell asleep. Nikkie heard something two or three times. Fourth time she reacted. She got up and saw wolves that were going straight to them. She screamed and everyone woke up and they climbed on tree together as fast as they could. They slept on the tree all night. When they woke up they saw the end of the forest. After that scary forest they saw a magical forest. Exactly one that they have dreamed about. A real opposition of forest in which they have been five minutes ago. In that forest everything was pink. That looked like a real magic. There were a lot of flowers, trees, strange plants... They were so excited. They just couldn’t believe their eyes. Then Patrick the rabbit found something that looked like a rock, a big rock which was stuck in the ground. They digged a lot. Finally they got what they wanted. That wasn’t a rock, that was a treasure chest. When they opened it, in it there were amazing toys, masks and other weird stuff. That was so unexpected. They also found costumes and they wanted to wear them. Everybody fitted in it perfectly. They enjoyed it so much. Nikkie looked like Pocahontas. Bear Jeffree was a cowboy. They were spending their time on the best way they could. Their happiness didn’t have end but while they enjoyed themselves one old chemist worked a lot. He was thinking about the inventions. He wanted to invent something before he dies. He tried his newest invention.At first nothing happened but two seconds later he just heard...BOOM! He saw a light! He invented the light! We could compare his happiness with happiness of little kids when they get a new toy. Then he noticed something. He thought he hallucinates. He saw cowboys, their hats, horses... He couldn’t breathe. He thought they would kill him. He was so scared that he died. We can say that he died happy. He did in life what he wanted the most and his dream came true. He won’t never know that all that cowboys, horses and everything weren’t real. He just saw playful kids in costumes. In every story something bad can happen. When the night came they climbed on the trees again and fell asleep. The night was quite. When they woke up their forest wasn’t nice as before. Everything was covered with water. Like an ocean. Like they just went to the seaside. They were children and that wasn’t bad for them. They swam, dived, floated...Later that water became a big problem. They asked themselves how will they come home. In that situation they were still brave. The bear Jeffree said that the only solution is that they have to swim. They swam first day and water and weather were nice. They saw cute little fishe but nothing dangerous. The second day weather was windy and the weather was cloudy. Waves still weren’t big. The third day they swam in real ocean. That water came in Wonderland from Pacific but because of what? Then the fourth day there was a storm. The ocean and weaves were wild and they were so tired. But they didn’t give up. The fourth day was the worst. They saw a monster, half people, half animal. It was huge. He pushed the water from Pacific ocean to Wonderland. He almost ate everything what he saw. But kids were wise. They hide in the huge seaweed. Then they noticed a boat. That was their good chance. They swam to it and with a boat came to the mainland. Later they walked again through forests, deserts... But then that was a “piece of cake” for them. Finally after two months of they journey they came home.

Their parents were so happy to see them again. They took a lot of photos on the journey. Their parents and grandparents watched the album with photos almost every day. They were so proud of them. The children realized one thing- NEVER GIVE UP. If you want something, be brave, because what you can imagine, you can achieve. Everything is possible. A lot of us have dreams and want something, but we are scared. We think that it won’t happen or we think that we can’t do that. We usually ask ourselves: “What if it doesn’t happen?” Better ask yourself: “What if it does?” Remember, never give up.



Ella Lulić


mentor: marija jankovic

OŠ Hugo Badalić

Slavonski Brod