Let's build a story!

The Protectors

by Marin Aničić, grade 7



Our grandpa told us an interesting story about one crazy scientist.He lived long time ago. He ws also very clever but very bad. When he was a little boy his friends teased him and since than he doesn't want to be around other people.He tried to invent light and then he became crazy.When the story has ended we went to the basement and we found an old chest full with different toys.While I was looking trough the toys I noticed a map and costumes, so we decided to dress up as a Dragon,Indian and a Pirat.We followed the map and it was a long journey.We were in the mountains, across the wods,in an old castle and many other magnifical places.After few weeks of this great adventure we come to a realy crapy wood. We were a bit scared becouse the strong wind was blowing and the night was falling down. We had no other choice but to enter. But suddenly we discovered a big new world in the forest and we never whanted o leave. We were playing in it and it was awesome.The next morning everything was gone, and we, a little bit sad, went home.We thought that we were just dreaming the whole thing. Few days latter we decided to visit the forest again, but the only thing we saw was a destroyed forest and diggers all around. That made us very sad. From that day we made our group. Our name was The Protectors- and our goal was and is to protect our beautiful nature.

mentor: marija jankovic

OŠ Hugo Badalić

Slavonski Brod