Let's build a story!

Time for adventure

by Patrick Grgić, grade 5

In his lab, surrounded by his papers and evil plans, there is a mad scientist.

His army of robots come to the forest and they chop down all the trees. All the animals are gone and sad. The builders start building. Trunks become houses. Other sticks and bushes turn into roofs for the houses.

There is a group of friends. They see the forest is gone. The animals in this group are sad. They are mad at the scientist because there is no forest anymore.

The group goes to the house to pick up the items for the fight. They pick up arms and weapons for the fight.

The group is following a map to come to the place where the forest is. On their way to get there, they pass roads, rivers and a railway. Finally, they come to the forest.

The group defeats the builders. The scientist is mad at the builders.

The group of friends come to the castle where the scientist's lab is and they scare him pretty good and say 'no more destroying the forest'. And the scientist says 'Alright, no more destroying.'

The scientist rebuilds the forest and he apologizes to all the animals. He never destroys anything again. The scientist turns to the good side and builds protection for the animals because some people are evil and hurt and kill animals.

The group is happy. All the animals are back in the forest and they are not hungry anymore. The friends in the group are playing again.

And that is the story how I saved the animals and their forest. There are more stories in my life, but this is my favourite one. There is always time for adventure in life and in it, you will find the way to save others.

mentor: Maja Aladrović

OŠ Ivan Mažuranić