Let's build a story!

A tale of a boy and a dragon

by Adrijana Palaić, grade 7

One day Keith the dragon was walking until he saw a house that was at the end of the forest. He came up to the house and knocked on the door. The door opened, a man was wearing a lab coat. He said:” Oh, hello my pretty, my name’s Dr McBacon and you are?” ”Umm, hello. I’m Keith...” He had something behind his back. He quickly got out that thing behind him and shot him. He fell down. He woke up and saw that he was in a room, with a bear, a boy dressed in Indian clothes and a box. ”Umm, hello. I am Keith. Who are you?” „Hi! My name’s Lunar!” said the Indian boy. ”Hello. My name’s Jack”, said the bear. Keith nodded. ”Umm, why are you here, why aren’t you free?” ”We can’t escape” ”Well, I can help!” He blew a hole in a wall and they escaped. ” And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids”. They ran and ran. Until they came up to a field and put down the box. „Let’s open it!” said Keith. „How?” said Lunar. ”Like this!” He burned down the lock. Toys flew out of the box. They saw a music box and started playing the music in the box. They danced and played all day. Let us talk about Keith’s history. In a time when dragons roamed the Earth, there was a boy by the name of Keith. He was a very talented boy; he had golden brown hair and green eyes. He lived in a land called Fire Land. He was from parents who haven’t had much. However, they always tried to give him the best stuff they could afford. Some people made fun of him because he hadn’t had stuff like they had. He was very sad about that, but that didn’t stop him from having positive thoughts. He always thought of happy thought when he was down. One day he went to his mom, „Mom?” she looked at him. ” Yes, honey?” ”Can I go and play in the woods?” „Sure. But don’t go far!” ”OK, Mom!” He ran outside to his friend, a dog named Jinx. He was his best friend. His only friend. ”Come Jinx!” Jinx barked and ran to him They ran and ran until they couldn’t see their house, „Boy, I think that we went too far, I can’t see the house” They walked a little before they heard a noise that will haunt them forever. They heard a dragon’s roar, it sounded...sad? „Should we go and see?” Jinx looked at him and nodded. They came to the dragon and asked him what the matter was and what his name was. He said that his name was James, that his parents couldn’t look after him, and that he wasn’t what they wanted. They hugged him and they were friends forever. ~20 years later~ Keith is now 27 years old. He had grown into a handsome young man, whose best friend is a dragon named James. The saddest thing is that Jinx has passed away. The two were very sad about that. But! They come to his grave every year. ”Keith. It is time” ”It is.” Well, Keith is getting married today. The ceremony went great. James was his best man. Then the time has come that Keith only in his 80’s died. Dragons can live up to 200 years. James had a family of his own, a little dragon that was the littlest of them all him he named Keith and another baby dragon Jinx. Time has passed and James has past to but his family lived on. Let’s get back to the story. If you ask them about their history, they’ll just start to speak something else. They danced all night, until the sun was bright!

mentor: Sanja Barberić

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