Let's build a story!

The adventure of a brother and a sister

by Leo Baranček, grade 7

One beautiful evening Jack and his sister Meghan were playing in the woods with their friends Mr Bear, a bunny and a squirrel. After playing they all went home happily. When Mr Squirrel got to his home he saw bulldozers tearing down the forest. He went to his friends Meghan and Jack, so the three friends could stop them. Meghan and Jack went to their toybox and got the things that they need. They were ready to go and stop them. In that box, they found a map with a big red x on it and they agreed to go in the morning to the x on the map. In the morning they packed a backpack and went to see what's going on in the forest. In the backpack were some sandwiches, bottles of water and binoculars and the map. Jack pulled out the binoculars from the backpack and looked at the forest to see whats going on. In the backpack, they had different costumes and they got in the costumes. The bunny was a knight, the bear was a pirate, the squirrel was a superhero, Jack was a dragon and Meghan was an Indian. In his evil laboratory, the evil Dr McMarco was thinking of an evil plan to get the trees down and to build a Supermarket. When he was talking about that the kids heard him and they agreed that they will stop him. From their costumes, they made a monster to scare him. They scared him and he ran away. The animals went home. Meghan and Jack were happy that they saved the animals. When Jack got old he found his old album with pictures. He talked to his grandchildren and showed them the pictures of him and his sister's adventures.

mentor: Sanja Barberić

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