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A strory of an inventor

by Margita Fotez, grade 8

Alvis was going insane after each and every one of his thousands and thousands of experiments always ended up completely wrong. He was never able to fix what happened. Alvis was once a cheerful and adventurous young man, happy with his existence. What happened? He asked that question himself every day. He now became a failed scientist and an unsuccessful inventor.   Alvis was a happy child. His best friend was his younger sister, Dara. Dara had black hair and brown eyes just like Alvis. She was outgoing and Alvis was shy. He always protected and helped her with everything or at least tried. Their favourite place was a forest close to their house where all their friends lived. In their world, everything was possible, a bear named Hugo could dance better than a human, Abbie - a bunny could paint better than Leonardo Da Vinci could and a squirrel called Ryan made the best cookies in the world. Their grandpa was a wonderful man. He loved telling them stories from his childhood. He said that he played in the same forest they did when he was their age. He loved how alive the forest felt and how it brought him happiness and peace. One day Alvis, Dara, and their friends went to the attic. It was really dusty, old and full of boxes with stuff their family didn't need anymore. They found an opened chest filled with toys and costumes. After looking at all the stuff, they found at the bottom of the chest there was a piece of paper. Dara picked it up and looked at it; it was a map with, of course, a big red X on it. And they, of course, had to explore. With all the toys, they found binoculars, which were useful for their journey. They went on a high hill, looked at the map and then through the binoculars, trying to realise the places on the map. They realised the castle represented their house and other familiar places so it must have been made for them.   After taking everything they needed, the adventure could finally start. They looked at their beautiful environment and spent the entire journey talking and laughing. After a few hours, they were finally at the X. But there was nothing there. Then in the distance, they saw their grandpa coming to them. They were all confused. He then told them that they should appreciate everything they have now and that soon their wonderful forest will be gone and there is nothing to do to stop that. Then he showed them the reward. It was in a tree. There were a potion and a text written in an unknown language. After years since that adventure, Alvis still tried to figure out what those things meant. The language wasn't understandable and he couldn't find out what the potion was for. All of his friends tried to help him but they all gave up and grew up. Their forest was cut down; people moved away including his sister and the animals had nowhere to live. They told Alvis he should stop trying and just live his life because he spent all of his free time doing something that was pointless to them. After remembering his entire life story, Alvis realised that maybe it wasn't worth it, maybe it really meant nothing. He started crying and wondering why he couldn't figure it out. Then he looked at the text again. He figured it out and realised it could change the world entirely. Everything finally made sense now, and it was all worth it.

mentor: Sanja Barberić

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