Let's build a story!


by Klara Julardžija, grade 7

An old man was looking through his childhood album. He had very wild dreams when he was a child and one of them went like this.

     Once upon a time there was an evil scientist. He wanted to destroy the forest so he could get trees for himself  and his wicked plans. He succeeded. The  forest was torn apart and was nothing left. A little squirrel which lived there had to leave. So she did. She went looking for a new home. On the way, a boy, a girl, a rabbit and a bear joined her. The boy and his sister were helping the bear and the rabbit to find  a new home because their forest was torn apart  too. They were thinking where to go, what to do when they suddenly came up with a plan. The boy dressed up as a dragon and they decided to pay the scientist a little visit. When they got there the scientist got easily scared of their shadow so he ran away leaving all his plans and maps behind. They found the map that would lead them to the new forest. They looked and looked and looked for the forest and finally they found it. Every one of them ran into the forest and started jumping around with pure happiness. The bear was just about to speak when the boy woke up and realized that it was just a dream. He woke his sister up because she fell asleep too.They put their toys back in the chest and the boy started talking to his sister about his crazy dream.

mentor: Senka Javorović

OŠ Ljubo Babić