Let's build a story!

Saving the world from the nuclear bomb!

by Mateo Artić , grade 6

Once upon a time there was a boy John. He had three best friends: bear Bruno who was kind and friendly, little girl Ann who was very good and sensitive and a rabbit Matthew. John created and led a team of heroes called “Heroes Against the Nuclear Bomb”. Their task was to protect the forests and save the world. One day while John was in courtyard, he saw a small sad orange squirrel and asked worried, “What happened?”

The Orange Squirrel came to John and said, “My forest is cut down. Nothing left there, everything is gone”

The Orange Squirrel also told John about the nuclear bomb and Dr. Octotabus who made the bomb.

John asked, “Where does this doctor live? Do you have a map? ”

The Orange Squirrel answered happily, “No, but my friend Frank has an ark and in this ark we can find the map.”

John, “Where is he?”

The Orange Squirrel, “In the South, 45 meters from here. The house is triangular. ”

John said, “OK! Bruno, Ann, Mathew follow me! We are going to Frank's house. ”

Two days later they found that house.

Orange Squirrel: “This is the house.”

John, “OK! Let’s go! ”

John knocked on the door. A brown squirrel appeared at the door.

John: “Hello!”

The Brown Squirrel, “Hello! Who are you? ”

John said, “I am John and these are my friends Bruno, Ann and Matthew. “ And this is...Do you know that squirrel? ”

The Brown Squirrel, “Yes, of course, he is my friend.” The Brown Squirrel looks at his friend the Orange Squirrel and asks: “What has happened to you?”

The Orange Squirrel told him everything.

The Brown Squirrel asked quickly, “How can I help?”

John told to the Brown Squirrel about the ark and the map and their plan to save the world from Dr. Octotabus. So they went into the house, found the chest, opened it and took the map.

“This is it! Let´s move! ”, said John.

After four days they found a building where Dr.Octotabus was working on the nuclear bomb. John took the binoculars and saw that Dr. Octotabus’s employees have already taken the nuclear bombs into the lorry.

Then our heroic group decided to enter the building.

Dr.Octotabus shouted, “Hahahaha, I am the greatest man who will destroy the whole world!!”

''Oh no!'' said Ann worried.

''Look at this machine, it looks like a dragon! We'll run it and Dr.Octotabus will be scared.” said John.

When the machine started working, Dr. Octotabus got scared and ran away from the lab.

John and his friends turned off the machines and defeated Dr. Octotabus,

John blow up a building and their mission was completed.

Two days later John found a forest where the Orange Squirrel would live.

They were all happy and satisfied.

50 years had already passed from that event. Every week John takes out a photo album and he watches his childhood photos. He is happy because they defeated Dr.Octotabus and saved the world.

mentor: Lidija Matokanović

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