Let's build a story!


by Viktorija Jurkić, grade 6

Once upon a time a little girl called Mia lived in the city. She lived in a flat with her elderly father George. Mia loved nature and she had a lively imagination. She would imagine mysterious beings that live in a forest but she couldn’t go to the forest alone. She lived far away and she was only five, and also her father was too old for walking and he would get tired very fast. That’s why she had never been in the forest; she only saw it on TV and in the cartoons she watched. At night she would go to her small soft bed, covered with silk blankets, and she would go to the unknown countries in her dreams. One afternoon Mia was lonely and wanted to go to the woods. George was in the sitting room, he was watching some family photos. He was against Mia’s idea because he was convinced that she is still too small. How could he explain to her that the forest hides a lot of bad and good things?

Instead of going to the woods, Mia invited her friend David and  to go with her in an abandoned building in their street. They had gone through a lot of corridors, rooms and old stairs but they didn’t find anything. They had already given up when they came to a locked back room at the attic. Their curiosity was huge, so they broke into the room. They heard their old neighbour Ann shouting to someone outside the house so Mia and David hid in old cluttered cabinet full of dust. Ann came to the attic, she was standing a few seconds behind the door, but she returned downstairs. The children felt the red alarm turns on when they saw something concealed at the end of a huge room. Covered with some red dull blanket with a blue flower was a chest. They ran straight forward and opened it. A small brown squirrel, white rabbit and a really big bear came out from the chest. The children were scared, but the bear explained to them that they were here for a really important reason and need their help. The animals explained to Mia and David how their forest was destroyed because a crazy scientist needed trees for a project that would make him famous. Mia and David promised to help. Going through the things for the forest, something stuck in Mia’s eyes. It was a little compartment and inside she found something interesting. She screamed with excitement, ‘’Guys I found a map!’’ And she gave it to her friend David, because he knew all about the pirate’s stuff. David said that it was a pirate’s treasure map and the treasure was marked with X. When others heard this, they put on their heroes costumes. David changed into the dragon, Mia in the Indian girl, the bear into the pirate and the rabbit and squirrel found some swords. Everything was prepared for their trip. Mia and David didn’t even think about what would their parents say, they were little confused about the decision they made.

After few minutes of walking, after they passed a number of cars and streets, they found themselves in a large meadow. The big meadow was full of old logs and machines, all trees were destroyed. Mia’s heart was broken because it did not look like her dreamy forest she imagined every night when she would lie in her bed. Every tree was cleared. They could easily see a big house from which the dense grey smoke was bursting out. The companions somehow broke through the crowd of workers and came to the house. The night fell short and the workers went home. The gang entered the house and found the scientist doing some strange experiment. They decided to turn off the power hoping they would scare him off. While scientist was looking for the candle, the gang made a shadow creature on the white wall next to the scientist’s desk. The scientist fell from his chair with fear.

As the squirrel and the rabbit were laughing, the rabbit accidently pressed the power switch and the light came on. The scientist was very angry, and he reported the gang to the police. Mia and David waited for the police but the bear, rabbit and squirrel disappeared. Suddenly, Mia heard her father’s voice telling her to wake up. Mia swiftly turns around and finds herself in her bed and her dad was sitting next to her, holding her fresh and delicious breakfast. She told her father about her dream. He just laughed and went to bring her a cup of warm milk. When he returned, she was sleeping again and probably dreaming about her friends. Maybe they will finally find her dreamy forest where they will be happy forever.

mentor: Lidija Matokanović

OŠ Okučani