Let's build a story!


by Ana Paljug, grade 8

A young boy James loved to play with his little sister Lucy  in the forest with their animal friends. One day, an evil scientist wanted to cut down the whole forest. James, Lucy and their friends, a bear and a squirrel, wanted to save the forest, but, they didn't know how until James came up with an idea. ''Why don't we dress up as  ''forest guardians'' and scare them away?'', James suggested. Everybody agreed with him and went to find a flashlight and a bunch of old costumes. They all gathered around at the edge of the forest at night. Lucy and James jumped on the bear's back while the squirrel held the flashlight. They successfully scared the scientist and his coworkers away and they never came back.

 - time skipped -

50 years later....

An old man was watching his grandchildren playing in the garden while holding an old photo album and thinking: ''Those were the memories...''

mentor: Senka Javorović

OŠ Ljubo Babić