Let's build a story!

A little squirrel and her empire

by Katarina Tomljanović, grade 7

Once upon time there was a little squirrel. She lived in a forest and took care of it. The forest was her gold. Then people appeared. They destroyed her little empire and she had to leave. That was the hardest thing for her but she needed to begin her life somewhere else. She packed the things and went away. She found a new house. The house looked comfortable. The squirrel approached and looked inside. She saw children playing some games. The children saw the squirrel, but she was upset and she started to run. Then something terrible appeared in front of her eyes. There was a big bear who tried to eat her but then children stopped it. This bear was their friend and he only wanted to invite the squirrel in. They had been nice and fed her. There was their grandpa, too. He told them story about a crazy scientist who made possible from the impossible and he gave them the map to the scientist's laboratory. Children decided to help little squirrel. They packed the things and set off. They went to find crazy scientist so he can help them. The squirrel was sad and she just thought about her home. But she had her friends to cheer her up and help her. They promised her that they will return her to her home. On their way they found a lot of obstacles. But it was nothing for them, they were brave. They have travelled for three days. Suddenly they saw some weird looking, very big house. They thought, “That’s it” and they thought well. They  approached  the house. God, the house was magical, there were a lot different books, boxes, glasses, some weird things but they didn’t come for that. They were there to help a friend. They went in but they couldn’t find the scientist. They thought that maybe he got scared and hide.  But in a second, like a ghost, he appeared. He asked them why they came to him. Children and the squirrel told him the entire story. He was angry on those people because they have been destroying forests for years. The forest is gold of this world. We need to protect it. The scientist promised them to help. The crazy scientist began to create some drinks by magic. They were all very excited because the squirrel will return to her home. Suddenly the scientist said, “That's it, we can go, save the forest and return this little squirrel home”. They went to the forest. When they came there, they saw a lot of people destroying the forest. In a moment, the crazy scientist took drinks that he made with magic and defeated them all. Second after, there weren’t any people. They all turned into the animals and forest was returned to the state it was before. The squirrel was very happy, she jumped around the scientist, hugged and kissed him. To thank them, the squirrel decided to make a party. After that, happy and satisfied they needed to go home.  The squirrel took them to the right path that lead to their house. She thanked them again because she returned to her little empire and continued to enjoy the life she has now.

mentor: Lidija Matokanović

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