Let's build a story!


by Petra Berdik, grade 8

                                          A MAGIC PLACE

      Somewhere on our planet Earth was a special forest called ''A Magic Place''. That forest actually was a really big magic. In that forest you couldn't get lost. Why? Because there were so many sign-posts and there lived so many animals which would help you. Children arrived in A Magic Place and they were playing there for a couple of hours. But one day in A Magic Place suddenly appeared dredges and they started to pull down  all trees because they wanted to build a road there. All children and animals started running away, so squirrel Lily made the same thing. Animals lost their natural habitat. All of them needed to find a new home. Squirrel Lily look for her new home at here old friend John. He entertained her. She was so unhappy so John took a photo album. He did it because it always made Lily happy without any special reason.

     Few weeks later John remembered his friend  Riley. Riley was a scientist. A silly one. But also very clever. John invited his friends William, Emma, Thomas and Paul. They came immediately. John told them what had happened. Then he gave them directions to Riley. Before leaving John they put on some costumes. William was a dragon, Emma was an Indian, Thomas was a pirate, Paul was a knight and Lily was Batman.They immediately started looking for the treasure. Emma saw something between two big trees.They came nearer and saw a big sign X. They started digging and found a big box in which was a ton of toys. All of them were so happy.

       Lily remembered John's sentence : ''To shine the rainbow in the sky, first it must rain a little''.

mentor: Senka Javorović

OŠ Ljubo Babić