Let's build a story!

Goran and his friends

by Lea Gnjatović, grade 5

                One day across seven seas children were playing lots of games on the hill. But  that day was more different than other days. They were playing treasure hunting. The boy who was called Goran was looking through his binoculars. The girl was called Milka, the bear was called Ines, the rabbit Carrot Bunny and the flying squirrel Anja. Goran said:” I've found a map with treasure!” Milka said:” Lets have a new adventure! We can find the treasure if we work together!˝

            They went to the forest. There were beautiful trees, the sky, but the stars and the moon, too! They played together! That was the most magical wood in the world! Only in that wood there was snow and it was warm.

                But people destroyed the forest. The fox’s home was in the magic forest, so she had to move to some other place, better for life. Anja said:” Come with us! You can find a new home while we look for the treasure,” but the fox said:” No, thanks, I`ve got a family in Petrinja, that`s 23 km away. Actually 25,5 km away because they live in Đure Tiljak street 29. “ Good luck! Goodbye!” said the fox and she went away.

           They followed the map, they went through the forest until they came to a castle where the evil scientist lived. They came in and Max, the scientist, knew everything about the map. He tried to steal the map, so he made a monster to do it! He called him Thothannkasethamoon. But it was too late, they went away!

              They finally found the treasure and the treasure were toys! Everyone said: “Ju-hu-hu! We found the treasure! They played one game and they called it Mixed games. Carrot Bunny was a knight, Goran a dragon, Ines a pirate, Anja a bird and Milka an Indian. Then Ines said:” My fri-ends I am a ro-bot! So-rry be-ca-use I did not tell you! Goran and the kids said:”No problem, that is awesome! We can play with the robot!” Then Ines said:”Re-ally? You are not a-ngry?” Goran said:” Actually I am really angry! I’m just kidding!!!!”

            Max forgot something, it was really awful. He forgot about his monster called Thothannkasethamoon! The monster obsessed him till the end of his life. And what happened with Goran? Well, he is older than 52 years ago. He lives in his little house and reads his diary with photos of his adventures and game. Other kids, animals and the robot live happily, too!!!

mentor: Andreja Žitković

OŠ Dragutina Tadijanovića