Let's build a story!

Green Researchers.

by Lara Krčmar, grade 7

Hi, everyone! My name is John. I am a little boy from John Wayne Street. You know, I am a professional researcher. I have a team. The members of the team are: little Mary, I, bear Teddy, and Bimbo, the smallest but the brightest of all of us. There is also the squirrel, Mona. We call ourselves the Green Researchers, because we explore the forest and we fight against the villains who want to destroy it. Our good friend, fox Sarah, lives in the forest. She informs us about who goes on there. Are you wondering why I am telling you this? I am telling you all this because today we go for an official forest exploration. We will be in the forest for a couple of days. We have to prepare well. We agreed that I and teddy will go to the basement and take the things we need. Little Mary, Bimbo and Mona will prepare some food. In the basement, Teddy and I found and old dusty box which had everything we needed. There were the binoculars, the map, shovels and a rope. We found some costumes and we took them, too. We went back to the ground floor where little Mary waited for us. I went to my room and took a couple of blankets. We put bags on our backs and went onto an adventure. First, we went to the fox’s house. When we got there, there was no one. We were very sad. Teddy took out the binoculars and saw a little house with a man in it. The man was looking at some papers. I told Teddy to check who’s controlling the excavators. I looked a little closer at the man’s paper and I found out that it was a treasure map. I realized that the man was the manager who wanted to find the treasure. My friends and I wanted to stop him. Mary got an idea. She had a comic, which we replaced with the treasure map. The man started reading the comic and he forgot about the excavators. It was really interesting to watch him. He even turned on the lights and put his feet on the table. We were very happy. Our first mission was successfully completed. In the middle of the forest, there was a lab and all the trees around it were destroyed by the scientists who lived in it. He destroyed all of the forest with his experiments. We had to stop him somehow. We put on our costumes and scared him away. Then we got into his lab. We looked around it. We found and old box with some books. Under the books, I found some powder. The inscription said: “GROWTH OF TREES”. I got out and scattered the powder onto the grass. A beautiful tree grew in a moment. I called my team to show them what had happened, and we decided that we will restore all the places that villains destroy. For Sarah could now return to what the place that was her beautiful home. The scientist never came back.

mentor: Nađa Brlek

OŠ Ljubo Babić