Let's build a story!


by Veronika Mnouček, grade 8

                                             ADVENTURE WITH CLARK

I wish i could go back to those days…where I was with my friends. We had the best adventures and an endless friendship. Oh, look at this picture. Barny was the fastest eater in the eating competition, ha-ha. And look at Amy so beautiful and stunning. Oh sorry, I got carried away.

So without further ado. Here is my life in a story.


Hi, my name is Clark. I am an ordinary boy. Before I met Amy, Squish, Barny and Hops, my life was miserable. Not only that I was an only child and I had no friends. After school I was walking through a forest and a fox quickly crossed over the path. He told me to follow him. And I did. Behind the deep and thick forest there was a field where lumberjacks were cutting trees. In that forest a fox had a home. He lost his home. I tried to help him to find a new home but there was no place for him. Somehow in the forest we met Barny the bear and a squirrel called Squish. Everything was so confusing for me. I didn’t know what happened. But they had explained everything to me. When the story was over, I was heading home. After a few days my friend Amy told me that I was behaving really strangely. She was my best friend and I told her everything. I introduced her with my forest friends and they quickly became friends. We always hanged around after school. Meanwhile Mr. Einstein was in his lab doing some new inventions of how to make the world more modern. He was inventing too much technology that was supposed to be released in that small village. He had everything set up in his mind. No wonder he went crazy. My friends and I were celebrating the last day of school. We were in a forest playing hide and seek. When Hops shouted all of a sudden. He found some kind of a map that was supposed to lead to the scientist’s palace. It was a really old map. We were aware of what happened to our small village. Our life was like a virtual game. So, we started to think about what was best for us. Was it the new and modern life or was it the old life we knew? We gathered around and looked at the map. Amy found a tent in the map. In the tent, there was a chest with toys and costumes. Not any kind of costumes, powerful ones. They had superpowers. And all costumes were tailor-made for us. We went to a journey. The map said that we should go to the road that lead us to a forest path which went straight to the scientist’s palace. It was stormy, but we made it despite the weather conditions. We have burst into his lab where he was doing all of his projects. In a hurry the scientist took the machine and teleported himself to the other part of the palace. His machine didn’t work as he thought it would. He tried to escape but Squish came with his batman superpowers, found him and brought him to jail. His work had no longer been created or upgraded. Even more, I had destroyed it with my dragon breath. Because of his naughtiness he was sent to rebuild every destroyed thing and he had to plant every tree that had ruined for his „science“ project.

Several years have passed since it happened. All my forest friends were back to their old lives. Amy and I got married and raised two beautiful daughters. And so we live happily ever after.

Oh, such beautiful memories. But now is time to move on. So, dear children, please , spend every minute and even second like it was your last. Because one day, like me, you will go back to those days and be happy that you had the opportunity to do that kind of stuff. In short, live a life you will remember.



mentor: Mateja Ištok

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