Let's build a story!

My grandpa’s journey

by Lucia Šmintić, grade 6



This happened seventy years ago.


We were playing in front of a forest with our pets: a snake and a bear. We heard something strange. It was a fox and she gave us a map with the symbol X leading to a strange location. It was a treasure map. We were so excited. Then we turned around and the fox was gone. I said that we needed to go and find the treasure. I had some water and some food in my backpack but I left my backpack at home. We were lucky: my bear had binoculars and we could see far away. We finally found our destination. Our destination was a house with a basement. The walls were full of spooky things and there was a chest on the floor full of broken things. We found a bag full of papers with information about some experiments. An old scientist came into the room looking for those same information. He found a bag full of stuff about the experiment and finally left the room. He was evil and we followed him to the lab. The fox was in the lab because the scientist destroyed the homes of all the foxes. Then my friend decided to go to the bear’s house and we took some costumes, a broom, an umbrella and a pirate cap. We were heading to the evil scientist. We broke the door and scared the old evil scientist. He yelled at us but we were not afraid. I put on fire all the information he needed and he was gone. The scientist and the forest were destroyed. Finally, we won and gave the foxes their freedom.

And “those were the old good times”, said my grandfather looking for old pictures and remembering the best of the past.

mentor: Matea Cipriš

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