Let's build a story!


by Gabrijela Debeljak, grade 6






Not so long time ago, there was an old man who lived with his grandaughter Jennifer and grandson Andy .


 One day the kids were playing in the basement, and they found a chest. Andy opened it slowly. Inside the chest there were a lot of toys and a book. They went to the kitchen and asked granfather to read them the book they found.


„Let me tell you a story…“ – said the granfather.


„Once upon a time there was a forest. Everyone in that forest was happy. The kids were playing hide and seek, animals weren't afraid of them and everything was so nice and quiet.“ – grandpa started to read. „Was there any kingdom or a beautiful princess?“ – asked Jennifer. „Listen Jenny, listen! We'll come to that part…“ – said Andy. „Next to the forest, there was a huge lab. The children weren't allowed to play around it because their parents thought that the scientist who worked in the lab was insane. One night, when everyone was asleep, the people who worked as a woodsmans came with the trucks and excavators and destroyed the forest. The whole forest dissapered in one night… - said the grandfather sadly.  Jennifer started crying: „But why? What happened to the animals?“. „Animals went far away from the forest. Some of them even died under the wheels of the trucks….


 The next day kids came to play in the woods, but they couldn't find any forest around. The kids were so sad. But two brave kids wanted to find the evil people who destroyed the forest, talk to them and find another place they could play with the other kids and animals. They went to the lab, which looked so spooky and dirty. They were scared but they got inside. They found a scientist and asked him for help. He said that he saw four or five guys destroying the forest. He even followed them to their homes… The scientist gave a map to the kids and said that they should be very careful. The kids got out of a lab and started to follow a map. First they had to climb over the biggest mountain in the kingdom, then walk to the North for about three hours to got in a castle and pick up Princess Daphne, then follow the Princess and her secret map.“-said the grandpa. Jennifer said: „Princess with a map? She must have been a weirdo…“. „Yeah, just like you are!“-Andy said. „They climbed over the moutain, walked to the North and got into the castle… They asked Princess for help. She took some stuff and they went  out of the castle. They went to the West until they came to the river. Then they went to the South. In a dark forest, the monsters caught them and locked them in a small underground room. They were locked there for four years. The kids grew up and realised why the forest was destroyed… They forgot all the memories and didn't belive in magical adventures that happened to them. But one day, brave kids will save them, the forest will grow up again and all the kids on the Earth will belive in magic and power of friendship!“- grandpa read the story. „How do you know that the story is true?“- asked Jennifer. „Because, belive it or not, I was the “insane“ scientist .“-grandpa said.  Jennifer went out playing and Andy said: „I know you said that because of Jennifer. But it's a nice story!“…






„Insane scientist, really?!?“-asked granpa. „Well, you weren't insane after all.“-I answered . „Jennifer would never think I'm weird!“-said the Princess. And you described me as a rude brother… Very rude!“-Andy shouted. „I'll fix it…“-I said(and I hoped that he doesn't understand that I won't)- „And I will describe you as the best brother ever!“. „Who is childish? And why am I the younger one?“-asked Jennifer. „Stop! Stop all of you! I wrote this story and I won't fix anything! Besides, you are just some characters in my story!“- I said and turned off my laptop and characters in it…






mentor: Sanja Vučur

OŠ Mate Lovraka