Let's build a story!

A treasure hunt

by Maja Dobrotinić, grade 6

A retired scientist called Luke Higgs lives at 42 Cambridge Street in London. He grew up in the English countryside surrounded by trees, flowers, animals and friends. One day, Luke was looking at an old family album and came across a photograph that reminded him of his happy life in the countryside and an adventure because of which he decided to be a scientist.

Next to a town called Alberta in western England, you could find a big forest. Luke’s friends lived there. They were Ronny the Rabbit, Teddy the Bear and Luna the Squirrel. Along with his best friend Emily, Luke visited his friends every day and together they played and laughed. Those were the happiest days of his life. He never thought it would end so soon.

One day, he came to play with his friends, but the forest was gone. Everyone was very sad because the forest was their home and a place where they were happy. Teddy, Ronny and Luna lost their home and they had to find a new one.

Luke and Emily decided to help them. Their forest friends were sad and disappointed, so they decided to put on costumes to cheer them up. Luke was a dragon, Emily was a Native American, Teddy was a pirate, Luna was a superhero and Ronny became a knight. While they were walking, they saw a small house and thought that it could be their new home. They saw a smoke coming out of the house, but they went inside anyway.

They didn’t know that a very strange but smart scientist lived there. He was working on his next invention. It was supposed to be a light bulb that makes the weather. He was so focused on his invention that when he looked up, he saw frightening shadows on the wall. He was so scared that he broke the light bulb.

He realized that those were only kids and animals playing in costumes, so he asked them what they wanted. They told him they were looking for a new home because they lost the last one. The scientist gave them an old map and said: “I can’t help you with a home, but maybe this map can lead you to a treasure. Maybe somewhere along the way you find a new home.” On the map, they could see the sea in the west, a castle in the north, a forest and mountains in the east and a railway going in between. Next to the railway, they saw a cross that marked the treasure. Together they decided to find the treasure and help each other.

They realized that the map showed places not far from them. They took the train and went to the old castle. They continued walking and they passed mountains and the forest. Using their binoculars, they saw a perfect location for their friends’ new home.

They crossed the railway, reached the place where the treasure was buried and started digging. After two hours, they found a chest. When they opened it, they found a lot of toys. They decided to move the chest into their friends’ new home to play with it.

Sixty years later, Luke remembers that crazy adventure when his friends found a new home. At that time, he didn’t even think that someday Emily would become his wife. Nowadays, he takes his grandchildren into that forest where they have their own animal friends and their own adventures.

mentor: Nina Matković

OŠ Ivana Zajca