Let's build a story!

A story to remember

by Edita Čoko, grade 6

An old man found his old photos. He thought about his memories and adventures. He remembered that once he and his friends went on a hunt. 

It was an ordinary Sunday morning. My friend Jonna and I were playing football. Suddenly, we heard a loud noise. We couldn’t see what was happening because it was too far. We searched for some binoculars. With them, we saw logging in the forest. We decided to go there the day after.

Next morning, we got ready. We needed binoculars, umbrellas and costumes. While we were dressing up, we found a map in our chest of toys. We got interested. However, when we got to the forest, it was too late. The trees were already cut down, but we didn’t want to give up. We wanted to find out who did it and why. We went in a search for the X marked on the map.

After an hour of walking, Jonna and I got to the right spot. It was a castle and we heard a loud noise coming from the inside. It was laughter. When we came in, we heard a stranger that looked like a science teacher talking about logging and setting forest on fire. We wanted to teach him a lesson. We formed our costumes, umbrellas and other things in a dragon shape and scared him. He ran away, in a direction far away of the castle, on the mountain.

After a few months, the forest grew again. Jonna and I, along with our friends bunny Bob, bear Alex and fox Lisa, were happy. We had another adventure to tell our grandchildren someday.

mentor: Nina Matković

OŠ Ivana Zajca