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The greatest adventure

by Ivano Hodžić Mehić, grade 7

Now I'm in my golden years. I've had a pretty interesting life so most of the day I recollect my childhood. I've had some incredible and unforgettable adventures in my life. This is one of the most odd ones.

I was playing with my little sister and our friends Bear, Bunny and my pet Squirrel in the forest one day when we noticed something strange. The forest in which we were always playing in was being cut down by machines and people who didn't care about the homes they were destroying. We were so sad and wanted our lovely forest back. We had to do something.

We rushed home and found a huge chest. There were some clothes and an armour in it together with an old map. On the map a spot was marked with a big red x. We were ready for an adventure. We put on our new clothes on, gathered supplies, water, food and decided to head towards the marked spot. We walked for a couple of days,but it was worth the travel. We found a house of a scientist. 

When he first saw us, he got scared because of our unusaul outfits. And he was a bit strange. Some would call him insane, but we didn't care. All we wanted was our splendid forest back. We asked him if he could help us. He didn't answer, he just got himself really busy. He was working with electricity and some things that seemed magical to us. After staying up all night, he finished his work. He built an incredible thing that I think was a machine, but I'm not quite sure what exactly it was. One thing is for sure: it was full of energy and sparks. 

The scientist didn't help us just because he was a good person. He also had his agenda. He wanted to test out his invention, and he knew he would never get a chance like that one again. He didn't explain how that machine was going to save our forest. He only told us that if everything went well, we would get our forest back. We didn't even consider what would happen if everything didn't go well. That's  how much we wanted our precious forest back. We said our goodbyes to the scientist who remained in my memory as the person who saved my childhood.

And, really, when we returned from our adventure to the forest, it was totally intact! Like no lumberjacks or machines were ever there. It was a miracle! We were incredibly happy. Time was reversed. Or, that's what I think (because I'm not a scientist, you know). We returned to our normal lives, happy to have our forest to play in again. When I think of it now, I can really say it was the strangest and greatest adventure of my life!

mentor: Martina Podnar Bočkaj

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