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Grandpa`s Biggest Adventure

by Magda Blažun, grade 5

Three years ago my grandpa told me one of his stories . He said : “ When I was your age, me and my friends Boby the squirrel, Annie the girl, Jeorge the bear and Lucy the rabbit were fighting villains like Made up Joe, Invisible Marry , Unseen Michael, and so on. But our biggest adventure was with a mad scientist Harry.“ He planned to destroy the forest , but we decided to stop him . We found the map of the forest in the chest in our old attic and went after him. We made it there but we didn`t manage to get on time. We saw a forest but with no trees. They were all cut down and no animals were there except July the fox. She said that a mad scientist cut it down. We were so angry that we said, “We will regenerate the forest no matter what .“ We created a plan to find Harry`s castle with a pair of binoculars. We got there and made a dragon like pose while still wearing our villain – fighting – days costumes so Harry would do whatever we say. He was so scared that it was easy to catch him. We asked him why did he do that to the forest. He answered , “ I found a way to produce energy from trees !“ . We asked him, “How can we get the forest back?“. His reply was,“Take this pill and put it in the ground in the middle of the forest. Now , let me gooooooooo!“ . We surrendered him to the “ mad scientists police“. After my grandfather finished telling the story, he opened his photo album and showed me the picture of him and his friends in the forest witch meant a lot to him because he felt free there.

mentor: Natalija Huić

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