Let's build a story!

Adventure of a Lifetime

by Lucia Prekrat, grade 6

Once upon a time there was one man who lived in a small village. His name was Jack. He was old but he was playing football on play station and he was climbing trees all day long. In his spare time, he liked to remember his childhood. On one of the rainy days, he was watching a picture of himself in the woods, recalling his most interesting and most entertaining adventures. It was the rescue of the forest where he and his sister spent a lot of time. When he was a little child, the crazy scientist George moved in an old castle not far from Jack`s little village. He loved making dangerous and crazy experiments. He wanted to make machines for electricity the most. He needed a lot of space for that so he decided to cut the forest in which Jack and his sister Helen wanted to play. There were various animals in this forest. The forest was their home. In it they played, slept, hunted and most importantly they enjoyed staying in. Everything the animals had a scientist wanted to destroy. Everything they built for years began to disappear. Many animals were forced to leave the forest. Jack and Helen gathered their animal friends, Rubby the rabbit, Mimi the squirrel and Ricky the bear, to watch the demolition of the woods. They were forced to leave the forest and find a new home. Children and animals were like a finger and a nail. They all worked together. Every day they watched the forest disappear tree by tree. After a week it was plenty of watching. They decided to go to the scientist George. They knew that he lived alongside the mountains but did not know in what direction they should go. Jack's dad decided to make a map because he thought the kids were just joking. When the map was over, the children and the animals decided to look for costumes. Jack and Helen had a suitcase in the attic where they packed all their costumes. Everything was there, from rosy dresses to cat ears and tails. They were mostly interested in costumes for a knight, an Indian, a pirate, a dinosaur, and batman. When they picked their costumes they took the backpack and set off. Jack was a dragon with the backpack, and Helen was an Indian with an umbrella. Ricky was a pirate with a ladle. Rubby was a knight with a toilet brush. Mimi was a batman. Mimi flew over the others to get a better look. While they were walking they sang various songs. After some time they came to the mountain. In the distance, they saw the castle where the scientist George lived. The rabbit wanted to give up the venture, but they stopped him. At one point, they reached the scientist's home. They agreed to stand next to each other as a monster. The doors of the scientist's home were open and the children and the animals came in. They found George`s room and entered it as one. The room was dark. At one point the scientist turned on the light and saw the shadow of a terrible monster. He was scared. He immediately ran out of the room. The kids were happy because they knew the forest would not be destroyed. Jack and Helen will be able to play in the forest again, and the animals will have their home again. When they came home, Jack's parents could not believe what the kids had done. They were so proud of them. There were no machines in the woods the next morning. Some animals returned to the woods. The kids thought that the forest would grow for years and that they would not be able to play in it because they would be too old. But that was not the case. The forest has grown very rapidly. After a week the forest was again like before. All the animals returned and started their life again. Jack and Helen were in the woods every day. They said that when they grow up they will be the guardians of the forests. They wanted other people to understand that the forest is for rest and fun, not for experiments. The forest gives us the oxygen needed for life. By destroying the forest we destroy our lives.

mentor: Natalija Huić

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