Let's build a story!


by Lucija Kupres, grade 5


Last weekend my brother and I went to our grandfather. When we came there he was watching old pictures. He told us to go to the attic for one more photo album. We went upstairs and found there a chest with many toys and clothes. There was one special thing - map.  We dressed funny costumes and called our friends to go with us to the forest. There we played and had fun. The next day we went again to forest and we were stunned. The forest was destroyed. We found an old spyglass and we saw a beautiful castle close to the forest.  We decided to go there and see if somebody lives there. When we came to castle, we knocked on the door. A weird man opened the door. He told us that he was a magician. We asked him to return the forest to its natural state. The magician told us that he wouldn’t do that. After that, we made a plan to wear our costumes. When the magician saw us masked, he was scared and he told us that he would do everything to return the forest.  After several attempts, he finally made it. We were all happy because we had our beautiful forest again.

mentor: Marijana Dostal

OŠ Bogumila Tonija