Let's build a story!

An Adventure

by Anđelka Matanović, grade 8

Last weekend I visited my grandpa Mato. When I got there I saw my grandpa sitting at the table and looking at some old photos. I asked him: “What kind of photos are these?”, and he answered: “Sit down and I will tell you a story.

One day I accidentally found a map in the attic. I showed that map to my father and he told me that the map was some fantasy drawings of his father, my grandfather. There was some treasure marked on the map and my grandfather tried to find it but he couldn’t. So I decided to test my luck.

My best friend, his sister and I got on an old train which took us to an old castle. We thought there was nobody there but then we noticed some light. We slowly reached the window and saw an old man. He was wearing some white coat and some funny looking glasses. He seemed nervous and the table in front of him was full of some paper sheets. We heard him mumbling “treasure, treasure, treasure…”.

Suddenly, I noticed that he had the same map of the treasure like the one my grandpa gave me. We decided to reach the spot before that funny looking old man. We tried to find the forest, bu t there were almost no trees in the forest. We realized the funny looking man cut the trees and didn’t care about the animals in it.

We ran towards the tallest tree in the forest because we thought the treasure might be there. We started digging but there was nothing there. Suddenly, we heard a loud sound in the ground. It was a trunk. We were so happy. We decided to take it to a nearby cabin so the man couldn’t find us. We opened the trunk to find the gold and jewels. But to our surprise the trunk was full of toys. We found some costumes of dragon, Indian and pirate and put them on.

“What happened with the funny looking man?” I asked my grandpa. “Well, when he found us and realized the treasure were only toys, he wasn’t interested any more. But, we never told anybody what we found on the bottom of the trunk,...”, my grandpa smiled.



mentor: Irena Holik

OŠ Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić

Slavonski Brod