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The Woods

by Vjeko Ivaković, grade 7

Once upon a time, on the coast of the Western Sea, there was a big woods called The Star Woods. Every child who entered that woods could understand and talk to all the animals in it. One day, a brother and a sister stepped into the Woods. Their names were Benjamin and Lucy. They made friends immediately: Bear, Rabbit and Squirrel. Since then Lucy and Benjamin have played in the Woods with their new friends every day. 

Behind the Star Woods there was an abandoned castle, which was a home to an evil scientist. He was a genious, but knew nothing about love and kindness. One day the scientist got an idea for a new invention. He needed a lot of wood to build it. Then, without any thinking, he decided to cut the whole Woods down.  

The next day Benjamin and Lucy came to their beloved Woods, and saw nothing but stumps and their animal friends crying. Lucy asked: ''Who did this?!'' Squirrel answered: ''The scientist.'' Benjamin took his binoculars and saw a small part of the Woods that the scientist forgot to cut down. Bear said: ''At least a part of our home hasn't been destroyed!!'' Benjamin realised: The scientist will soon figure out that there is this small part of the Woods that he didn't cut down. ''We need to stop him!'', Lucy said.

They took their friends to their home and found different costumes in an old chest. They put on the costumes and went to the scientist's castle. They scared the scientist so much that he ran away and never came back. But, the Woods has lost all its magic, so Lucy and Benjamin were the last children in the world who could once talk to animals. 

Many years have passed and old Benjamin is looking at his photo album remembering his childhood. One of his favourite spots in the world will stay marked on the map that he still cherishes.

mentor: Martina Podnar Bočkaj

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