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Story of my life

by Barbara Lea Sarić, grade 8

Story of my life


It was a long time ago as they say… Oh, when I remember the days, the sun shining on my face, the nature that smells like the beauty of the world, the unforgettable games. Even today, the memories come back to me... I will tell you what happened.

I was a child, without any worries about my future. That day I was playing with my best friends and we decided to go to my grandpa’s attic to find some of his old toys. He was too old to climb. We found his trunk and opened it. When we opened the trunk we saw a map. There was a huge castle on the map. Since we were very curious we decided to start an adventure. I took my grandpa’s binoculars. We walked and walked until we saw something in the distance. I took the binoculars and saw a lot of people cutting the trees. I was sad and I wanted to help. After some time we thought of an idea. We put on some costumes of monsters to scare off the workers. Unfortunately, it wasn’t successful. I needed to think of something else. And I did. I found out who was responsible for cutting the trees and decided to do something about it. I realized that the fear is man’s worst enemy. We put on the costumes again and frightened the man. His workers disappeared with him and we never saw them again.

We knew it would take some time for the trees to grow again but we did the best we could. Everything can disappear, but our memories stay forever.

mentor: Irena Holik

OŠ Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić

Slavonski Brod