Let's build a story!

Memories turned into an adventure

by Vid Raić, grade 8

Once upon a time there was an old man called George. That day he was sitting in his study and he was looking at some old photos. He was stunned and all of his happy memories were coming back to him and the feelling was amazing. He saw all of his old stuff in the photos and remembered that he kept them in the attic in an old trunk. He wanted to share his memories.

He went to the attic and looked in the trunk. He found an old treasure map and some cool costumes.  He called his grandchildren and a bear to the attic and showed them the trunk and left the room. They were amazed and thrilled by all of the things they found. They found an old treasure map and decided to go to a treasure hunt. They took a squirrel, and the bear took a little bunny and they set off. 

They were always arguing and they didn’t have much fun. The grandchildren were always fighting over the binoculars and the bear was very sad because they were fighting. So they decided to go back to the attic and search for some more stuff. They have found some cool costumes. The eldest grandchild wore a half dragon-half devil costume and he took a broom. The youngest grandchild wore an Indian costume and took an umbrella. The bear found an eye-band and a pirate’s hat and he pretended to be a pirate. He also took a monocular. The squirrel wore a Batman’s suit and pretended to be a Batman. The little bunny took a toilet brush, a knight’s helmet and a pot’s cover and pretended to be a little bunny-knight. They have set of once more.

They had so much fun that time and they were also scaring people because their costumes were very scary.  They looked at the treasure map again. They saw that the X-mark was next to the railway and at the south of the mountains. So they decided to follow the railway. On their way there was a tunnel. They decided to go through the tunnel because they couldn’t go over the hill. The tunnel was very long. They were walking in the first half of the tunnel but then the tracks started to vibrate and they heard a train coming. They ran like never before. The train was very fast and the driver didn’t see them in the tunnel. They just kept running. The train entered the tunnel and they ran even faster. They were very close to the end of the tunnel but the train was very close now. The driver saw them and started to brake, but it was too late to stop inside the tunnel. The braking has slowed the train enough so the grandchildren, the bear and the bunny got out.

The squirrel didn’t have any problems because the Batman ‘s costume had a flying feature and she just flew above the train. They were exhausted and decided to camp in the woods before continuing to follow the railway. They have built a little house made of wood and they made a fire. They were warm and comfortable so they fell asleep pretty fast. In the middle of the night a train drove next to them and woke them up. They decided that it would be faster to travel by train. So they took all of their stuff and jumped on the train.

Of course, they didn’t have any money so they moved to the business wagon so the conductor wouldn’t find them. It was still the middle of the night so they went to sleep. The bear woke up first and saw that they were in a port. They have slept too much. The workmen were emptying the wagons and putting the stuff on a large ship. They managed to escape and went back to the X-mark.

They saw that the entire south part of the forest was cut down. They were horrified. The squirrel gave up and decided to go away with his fellow squirrels. The team was down to 4 of them.  They found the X-mark and a trunk. In the trunk was only some weird powder. They didn’t know that that was so they went to a mad scientist and asked him what that powder is. He did some experiment with the powder and found out that it’s regeneration powder. He kept some of the powder and the team took most of the powder and went back to the forest. They revived the whole southern part of the forest. They were very happy and went back to George and told him everything.

They were very hungry and tired so George made them a hot soup and later they went to sleep. Meanwhile…the scientist made some more experiments with the powder. It was very bad. He went too far with the experiments and made a weird creature. It was a large mixture of the team’s costume. It was a big half dragon-half knight bunny, half batman squirrel-half pirate bear and half Indian. The scientist was terrified and he ran away…To be continued.

mentor: Kristina Smiljić

OŠ Slavka Kolara