Let's build a story!


by ANTUN BALEN, grade 5

  1. For the start, have a good look at the map. On the map, you can see a red X mark. That is the place of the epic battle that happened not so  long ago. And that is the place of our story. So, let’s begin. 
  2. Once upon a time near London there was a big dark forest and there were a lot of kids and animals who really liked to play together. That forest was very windy, but kids and animals loved it.
  3. Nosferius, the evil scientist that lived near the forest, did not love the noise all those kids were making. So, he made a plan to destroy the whole forest in order to get rid of noisy children.
  4. But one day, Mark and Farah, George the bear and other animals discovered his evil plan to destroy the forest. Mark looked through his binoculars: “Look, he’s planning to destroy it.” They decided to stop him. 
  5. They took some stuff from their toy box and said: “Let’s put on our creepy Halloween costumes.” Well, that’s a good idea”, said George the bear. And then everybody said: ”Yes, we will scare that evil scientist and make him go far away.” 
  6. Mark was the scariest dragon and Farah was the wild Indian girl. They were in the company of Bear the pirate and Rabbit the knight.
  7. When they came to the scientist’s home, they slowly sneaked into his house through the back door, so they could see what he was doing. And then, they started making noise to scare Nosferius. “Whoooooah, we are the scariest ghosts of this forest. Give us your brain! WE ARE HUNGRY! GROOOOAAAUGHH!” When the scientist saw their creepy costume shadows and heard all those noises, he ran out of the house as fast as he could and started yelling: “You will pay for what you did to me!“ Angry and scared, he did not stop running and swimming before coming to America. He held the record for swimming across the Atlantic Ocean. The evil scientist never came back.
  8. “Oh my, look what Nosferius already did! The forest will never recover”, Mark said sadly. George the bear tried to calm him: “ Don’t worry, our forest is much stronger than you think. It will soon be prettier than ever!” They thought that the forest would never grow again, but after a few years the forest recovered and everyone was happy because of that. The kids and animals were happy because they defeated the old evil scientist and they got the forest back to play as much as they could.
  9. Many years passed and Mark, Farah and George the bear grew old. They are still good friends. They love watching the pictures from their childhood and talking about their adventures. Mark loves watching photos in his his old album: “These were the best days of our lives!” , says he. 


OŠ Antuna Augustinčića