Let's build a story!

Treasure Hunt

by Laura Mesaroš, grade 7

It all happened one sunny day when a group of friends played in the park close to their neighbourhood. Their names were Patrick, Sunny, Bunny, Lizzie and Carl.

While they were walking to the swings, Patrick stumed upon a very shinny, big, grey telescope. They all looked through the glass of the telescope when suddenly  Carl saw a big, old, rapped paper a few yards away.

They all ran up to the paper and saw that it was a treasure hunt but they didn't quite understand it.

“Guys I've got an idea!“ Bunny said. They dressed like pirates that were looking for something valuable. They all looked funny, expecially Lizzie.

Somehow the treasure hunt wasn't interesting to Sunny so she decided to go home with her polca-dot bag. However she got lost and ended up in some kind of a construction site but she found the road that led to her house and she made her way home.

On the other side of the city there was a crazy inventionist named Jimmy. All  the people called him Psycho because of his inventions. His  last invention the „antchickendinosaur-fighter with an umbrella“ ended up forbidden by the law because it was too dangerous for humanity.

Everybody thought Psycho was crazy but you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. He also had a family that unfortunately died in a car crash. That crash started the whole invention progress.

He actually wanted to invent something that could save humans from extinction. Psycho was also known for solving hard treasure maps. Remember what I said that the kids couldn't understand the map? Patrick, Bunny, Lizzie and Carl went to Psycho to help them solve the map. Psycho was very angry because the kids didn't call him. They just showed up at his home. After a lot of thinking Psycho finally decided to help them solve the map. When the crazy inventionist finally solved the treasure map he told the kids all the spots they must follow to find the treasure.

The Fantastic  Four (as they called themselves) finally found the treasure. They were very, very happy but also very tired, however it didn't matter at all. “Let's split the treasure and give a part to Sunny, it doesn't matter that she didn't participate, she is still our friend. “Lizzie said, so they did it. The point is they all had a lot of fun, and they even got the chance to meet the crazy Psycho wich was their dream. The treasure was actually toys which was even better.

mentor: Jasna Vidmar

OŠ Dr. Stjepan Ilijašević Oriovac