Let's build a story!

A Trick That Didn't Work

by Petar Vukelić, grade 6

It was Haloween. It was fun being outside with friends.The five friends were going trick or treating, just like every year. The boy's name is Jack, the girl's name is Ema, the rabbit's name is Hoppy, the squirel's name is Blu and the bear's name is Ruby.

The next day after Halloween they decided to hang outside Jack's house, but Blu couldn't come since nobody saw him after Haloween and he wasn't answering his phone. Ema noticed something very weird in the distance after about twenty minutes of sitting outside on the blanket, so Jack quickly grabbed his binoculars. What they saw has shocked them a lot.

Jack, Ema, Hoppy and Ruby saw Blu, as he was crying, sitting on the log and carrying some food and water in his bag that was tied to a stick he was holding. After they saw him they noticed some heavy machines and no trees around, and then realised that the goverment and the local community were cutting down the forest. They even destroyed Blu's house that was in one of the trees. They were devastated.

There was a man in the town named Indominus who was a very intelligent scientist and he didn't like that the forest was being cut down, so he wanted to make a device or some substance to help the trees grow very fast.

Finally! Indominus has finally finished his substance that will help the trees grow back, but there was a problem. People that lived close to him saw what he was doing and told the local community about it. After ten minutes the locals came in his lab and started threatening him and destroying his lab hoping that he would give them the substance, which he didn't as he quickly hid it in a very strong titanium safe, and put a map to the re-grown forest in a camp.

The five friends were away from the forest because they were at a camping trip for the next week. There was an abandoned house at the camp and Hoppy suggested that they should explore it, which they did. Eventually they went in the attic and found an old chest. Inside there were some old toys and newspapers. Ruby noticed a map that looked very new. Jack found his granddad's old picture book he left at the camp 74 years ago.

Jack brought the old picture book to his granddad and he was very happy. He mentioned that he built the house in the woods.

After getting home from the camp the five friends met up at Jack's house and followed the map. It took them straight to the forest.

When they came to the forest they could not believe their own eyes, it was the forest re-grown completely and even Blu's house was there. Blu was very happy and started crying. Jack, Ema, Blu, Hoppy, Ruby and Indominus were very happy with the new forest. After about two months after the forest re-grew the goverment decided not to cut the forest and the local community was not interested in it anymore since it had no potential in their bussines, since they started a restaurant bussines all around the world. They will never forget this day and they hope it will always stay like this.

mentor: Jasna Vidmar

OŠ Dr. Stjepan Ilijašević