Let's build a story!

The Forest

by Tibor Kuserbanj, grade 8

        Once upon a time, there was a fox living in a fear of having her home demolished. She lived in that forest for all her life and  she is very sad thinking about it being cut down.

There were these local group of kids. They played in this forest almost every day. They have seen the fox a couple of times already, but she seems to be shy to talk to them. After a while the fox finally got the courage to ask them to help.

The group first thought of the mad scientist living in their town. They used binoculars to spy through his window.

When suddenly, they saw him. He was doing some experiments, which the group thought was a preparation to demolish the nearby forest.

On his wall, there was a big map. The mark was set on the exact same location of the forest, They were a little sad, but they needed a plan right away. The group almost immediately thought of a plan.

They went in the attic of the girls house, They searched and searched…there was nothing there. Then something came  to a boys mind. He remembered he had costumes in the chest hidden in the basement.

They all got dressed up and went in the forest to wait for the mad scientist. He went for an inspection before his mean plan kicked off. But there is  a catch…

Children had a smart plan. They were going to scare the scientist thinking these were monsters living in the woods. And the plan worked. The scientist believed in the childish prank, but the most important thing is that it worked! The fox will be very happy.

It got onto the news. People laughed at the stupidity of the scientist. The boys' dad saw the news in the newspaper and he was proud of his son.



mentor: Kristina Smiljić

OŠ Slavka Kolara