Let's build a story!

Mike and Emma’s adventure

by Matea Starčević, grade 5


1 One day, in a beautiful forest, two children, a boy Mike and a girl Emma were playing in snow with their pets: a rabbit, a bear and a squirrel. That forest was like their other home and they felt happy when they played there.

2 The day after, when they came back to play, the forest wasn't there. Someone destroyed it and there weren't any trees. They were disappointed and sad because they couldn't play there. They were crying.

3 But look! There was a colorful paper on the ground. It was a map which showed the way to a chest with a hidden treasure and it was hidden in a castle.

4 The children went to search for it. They wanted to find the castle with the treasure.

5 The chest was hidden in an evil scientist's lab. He destroyed the forest because he wanted to build a huge lab in that space. He was greedy and mean.

6 Mike and Emma saw a building, and when they came closer, they figured that it was someone's lab. Through the window, they saw a chest. They got into the lab, they opened the chest, but...There wasn't any treasure! Just toys and a lot of other things. There were pencils, books... even some drawings.

7 They disguised themselves into a dragon with all those things which scientist used for his experiments. The scientist got frightened of the dragon, he escaped, and never came back. Even today, nobody knows where he is.

8 The children planted new trees, and they used the cut ones for books, picture books, albums and many other useful things. They are planning to make a playground next to the forest.

9 They used the things they found for costumes. They had a party for the new forest and celebrated till late in the night.

mentor: Kristina Pavličević

OŠ Dobriša Cesarić