Let's build a story!

The lungs of the Earth make the heart of a friendship

by Tina Čuljat, grade 7

       Once upon a time, there was a boy whose name was Jack. Jack had a friend and her name was Katy. The two of them had more friends: a bear named Teddy, a squirrel named Abby and a rabbit named Henry. They all loved playing in the forest, it was their home. They made a lot of great friends in the forest and they used to play there every day.

       One day, while they were playing in Jack's garden, the old fox came and said: “They are destroying my home, our forest!” Jack didn't believe what the old fox was saying, but then the old fox replied in tears: “I don't have a place to go! They are destroying my home!” Jack took out his binoculars and saw that their forest was being destroyed. He cried and so did everybody, they didn't know what to do. Katy said: “What are we going to do, we are just kids, we can't do anything!” Jack tried to comfort Katy by saying: “Don't say that Katy, we will do something, I promise!” They stopped crying and started devising a plan. The old fox mentioned that Dr. Evil was in charge of destroying the forest. The old fox also said that he wanted to build a freeway instead of the forest. “He can't do that!” - they all screamed.

       However, they didn't know that Dr. Evil wasn’t so evil after all. He wanted money, lots and lots of money, but all of that money just made him sadder and sadder. It couldn't change the fact that he didn't have any friends and that he was lonely, very lonely. In the meantime, the kids figured out a way to save the forest. They went to Jack's old treasure chest and found a lot of scary costumes. Abby dressed up as a ninja, Katy dressed up as the princess of the forest, Henry dressed up as a soldier, Teddy dressed up as a pirate and Jack dressed up as a scary dragon. They wanted to scare Dr. Evil and convince him to stop destroying their forest. But they faced a BIG problem – they didn't know where to go! Fortunately, the old fox gave them an old map with a big red cross. “The red cross marks the place where Dr. Evil is” – said the fox. And that is how the journey began.

       They travelled over seven seas and seven hills. They travelled for more than a month to find Dr. Evil. They were exhausted, but all of a sudden Katy said: “Look, the layer!“ They knew that the forest is important and that they needed to save it! They went to Dr. Evil's layer and they started making scary noises and scaring him. He was scared and couldn't move so the kids captured him and said: “We want our forest! Forests are the lungs of our planet and without forests, we can't live either! You need to stop building the freeway!” Dr. Evil stopped and thought for a moment about how to save the forest, but sadly he didn't have an idea. Abby said: “Maybe we can find magic acorns, drop them on the ground and maybe trees will grow!” To which Katy replied: “There is no such thing as a magic acorn, but we can plant trees!” Dr. Evil agreed and they all started planting trees. Yet they couldn't do it on their own, so Dr. Evil thought of a plan. He devised a plan to make robots that would help them build more trees. The robots, Jack, Katy, Teddy, Abby, Dr. Evil and even little Henry, planted a whole forest and they all became friends. They all forgave Dr. Evil for destroying the forest and thanked him for helping them plant it again. Dr. Evil now knows that nature is more valuable than money and he has even donated all of his moneys to a charity which helps plant trees. Likewise, he was no longer sad and lonely. Afterwards, they all hugged and said goodbye.

           “Ah, those were the good old days...” - said Jack thirty years later while closing his scrapbook with all of the pictures from that time and wiping a single tear which was strolling down his cheek.




mentor: Ena Šarić

OŠ Otok