Let's build a story!

Weather Light Bulb

by Viktor Noa Kramarić, grade 5

Some friends were going to the attic. They found a chest full of costumes, they put them on. There were toys in the chest, of course they wanted to play with the toys. They played and played. It was starting to get boring. They put the costumes on and went out.

While they were out, one friend lost his home and that   was a squirrel. He was sad and scared. On that plain there were tons and tons of stamps, the trees were cut down by saw trucks. The people needed wood but they didn't think about animals, about the squirrel. He left the forest and started a whole new life. He searched for his friends, he found them and started working with them.

They were trick-or-treating in the town, they were laughing and talking and the squirrel was so annoying, he was jumping around like he was crazy, like he flew right from the mental hospital. One friend had on his mind that they should search for a treasure map, it was a great idea! They were searching and searching and finally they have found it.

On the map there was a castle, an X sign, a train, a sea, a bike, a ship, a god, a car, a forest, a tent, a snake, an owl, twelve trees, a big mountain. They were wondering what that X, castle and a blowing god meant. They wanted to really know but didn't know who to ask. They thought about that by themselve, about the meaning but didn't know. One friend thought about his grandpa, that he can tell them.

They visited the grandpa and he told them only about the X sign and the meaning was that there is a secret lab underground. In there was a mad scientist that wanted to build a light bulb which could make any weather you wanted. Then the forest came to his mind. The forest which is legendary because it was magical,  but only gods can control the forest and the scientist could also control it with the light bulb.

Friends were searching for the forest and the X for 20 days. 20 days have passed and they still didn't find anything and on the 25th day they found a lab in the distance, luckily they had binoculars to see. They saw a lab a few miles away, they ran to it, to see a vault door with a code device that you needed to put a passcode in it. They didn't have the code or didn't know where it was. In the ground there was a metal pipe and a shovel, buried. They took them and started breaking the door, but the door weren't to tough to brake.

Meanwhile in the lab the mad scientist has finished his invention, the light bulb. He made a lot of inventions but that was the best of all of them. People sometimes call him „Mad Laugh“ because when he makes an invention he laughs like he's crazy. But he didn't know that kids were about to steal his light bulb.

When kids broke into the lab, they put the costumes on. They were sneaking into his room and scared the hack out of him. He nearly passed out. But he was running from the kids around the lab. He was trying to protect and hide the light bulb from the kids. But the kids were much stronger than he was, so they pushed him away and took the light bulb, then ran away as quickly as possible away from the lab.

Not many days have passed from that day in the lab. But they still didn't find the legendary forest. They were wondering around, but today they have finally found the forest. They have entered in it and looked around. Nothing was suspicious. They tried the light bulb on and it was working for real this time. One friend imagined a windy weather and it spawned immidiately. They were really having a good time and had a nice childhood. They will have a similar adventure next time soon.  

mentor: Kristina Smiljić

OŠ Slavka Kolara