Let's build a story!

The Wild Adventure

by Josip Novotni, grade 7

A long time ago there were 4 friends. A boy, a girl, a bear and a squirrel. They were best friends who always helped each other in need and always supported each others ideas.

They found an old chest at the attic. When they opened it, they found a lot of old stuff. But there was something special that caught their eye. It was an old treasure map.

They went and asked their grandpa what he knows about it. He said that there was no treasure, there was just a hideout of a crazy old scientist. So the next day they started to follow it. But if they wanted to get to the crazy old scientist's hideout, they had to go through a huge forest.

When they entered the forest they found out that wasn't just a normal forest. It was a magical forest. It was full of life and all kinds of animals they could play with. It was full of beautiful flowers and colorful trees.

But they weren't alone. Scientist workers saw them. He ordered them to cut down the whole forest! It was all gone!  When they found out who did it, they wanted to go talk to the scientist.

They equiped themselves with unique costumes. When they entered the scientist's hideout, he was suprised that they found it. They were the first one to find his hideout. They asked him why he is doing all of the bad things. His answer was sad. He had a sad childhood, his parents didn't love him.. His heart was broken and no one has ever understood him.

All he wanted was some love. So they gave him some! They took him home. He lived with them until he found a job. But job wasn't the only thing he found. He found himself a girlfriend! They got married a couple of months after and they lived together for the rest of their lives.


mentor: Kristina Smiljić

OŠ Slavka Kolara