Let's build a story!

The story of a forest

by Laura Pavičić, grade 5

1 I remember a story of two children, animals and a forest. This is how it goes...

2 There was a crazy scientist who had a plan to build a machine so big, he had to cut down the forest.

3 He called the workers and told them to chop down all the trees. The animals had to move out of their homes, so some of them decided to call for help.

4 They asked two children for help, their names were Jake and Lisa, so they went around asking for any kind of information that could help them get the forest back.

5 Suddenly, Jake thought of an idea: “Let’s go to the attic, there is a chest with all kinds of things. Maybe there is something that can help us.” So they went there and looked through the chest. Lisa got another idea: “What if we took this and scared the scientist? Maybe he could stop the workers from cutting down the forest.”

6 They took the things out, but found a map. They saw that the map showed a secret way into the mountain. Jake said: "Maybe that is the place where the scientist is hiding. We should check."

7 When they got into the mountain, they put on the costumes and quietly looked for the scientist. They saw him looking through papers and started yelling, scaring the scientist. They yelled: "Tell the workers to stop cutting the down the forest, now!" The man was so scared, he called the workers and told them to stop.

8 The group got off the mountain and went to tell the other animals.

9 In the end, they saved the forest and all the animals' homes.

mentor: Kristina Pavličević

OŠ Dobriša Cesarić