Let's build a story!

Treasure Hunt

by Zara Stojić, grade 5

Treasure Hunt

On an ordinary day like today, an old man and was looking at his photo album, recalling memories from his childhood. One particular photo brought him back to when he was a little boy…

While playing in the wood,which was their favourite place, the children and their animal friends found a treasure map. As any child would be, they were curious about what the treasure was and decided to follow the map. First they agreed to follow the railroad to the red X. When they got tired they wanted to get some rest in the wood. But – oh, no!! The caterpillars had cut it down! Who ordered them to do it? They were so sad. Even the fox was sad, as she could not find her place to settle down.

They knew at once it could only be the mean scientist. He lived alone in his cottage, which was the lab at the same time, and always did weird experiments. He surely knew they were on the treasure hunt and wanted to stop them. He'll be naughty and will have the forest cut down. The group won't be interested in the treasure hunt any more. He'll find the chest full of money and will be rich…

The children and his friends the animals agreed to do something about it. Maybe to scare the scientist? Would he then give up the idea of taking the treasure?

So, the boy dressed as a dragon, the girl as an Indian, the bear as a pirate, the squirrel as Batman and the rabbit as a knight. They all headed to the scientist's cottage. When they arrived, they shouted in one voice:“Booo!“

The scientist was schocked with what he saw and heard. The group told him they do not want him to go for the treasure hunt, as they were the first to have started the hunt. Also, they were not looking for money ,they were not greedy, no, but hoped to find toys to play with in the wood…and , if there were a lot of them, they could share them with those who don't have…and so on, and so on…until they persuaded him to change his idea. Finally they succeeded. Luckily, the scientist somehow gave up.

The group continued the treasure hunt. Back on their adventure, the boy took his binoculars and couldn't believe his eyes with what he saw – there was a beautiful forest in the distance, like in a fairy tale.

They were all so happy. They had a lovely place to play and dance and jump again. That night they spent in the forest. Morning came, another day of hunt. While preparing for going home, in a nearby bush, they spotted… there it was - the chest! It was full of toys – stuffed toys, robots, model planes, balls, pirate ships…Everybody was excited to have found what they were looking for. But also proud because they were persistent and did not give up when they came to the obstacle.

They immediately took a photo of that happy moment. It is a small photo, but with a great story behind it.

Find a story behind everything. The more you find out, the richer you'll be.

Zara Stojić, 5b


mentor: Mariza Hrvatin- Mahmutović

OŠ Ivo Lola Ribar Labin