Let's build a story!


by Antonela Dujak, grade 6

A story written by Antonela Dujak, 6th grade of Primary school Sikirevci in Sikirevci (Brodsko-posavska county)


                                        A SUPER HERO


     Hello! I am Leon and these are my friends. Nina is twelve years old. She is two years younger than me. And these are: the squirrel Miro, the bear Tony and the bunny Mac. We are best friends.

     My grandpa has got some photographs and toys from his childhood. We are going to his place now to look at his toys in the box. Wow! There is even a map for some secret treasure!

     ''Grandpa, we saw a very interesting map among your toys. Could you, please, give it to us?''

     ''Well, why not?! But you must be very very careful because there is a doctor called Coloso. He is a very bad man. He made some machines to destroy nature with. I heard he is somewhere near the treasure right now. He may attack you.''

     ''OK, grandpa. We will be careful. Now we must get ready for the trip. Bye, don't worry!''

     We disguised ourselves so doctor Coloso would not recognize us easily.

     ( One hour later...)

''We look good, don't we, guys!? So, let's go!''

     We are going into a forest as the map says. The treasure should be under a big stone.

     There it is! How can we lift it? Mirko the squirrel tells the bear Tony to do it. Surprise! There is the treasure and a note which says that my grandpa and the horrible doctor Coloso are brothers!? Only I know about the note. I am shocked! Grandpa will have to explain this to me.

     Since we already have the treasure and the doctor is somewhere here, we would like to stop his plan to destroy this beautiful forest. We see a house nearby. We go in. Nobody is here. Well, we must go home without meeting the doctor.

     Doctor Coloso was actually hiding so we did not see him. He was so happy to continue his plans of cutting down trees and sell them. There will be toilet paper and furniture and who knows what else. And he will get rich!

     My dear friend squirrel Miro came to my balcony very upset. He told me his tree was cut down by that mean doctor.

     I knew what to do! My grandpa can help to stop that man. I ran to his place and told him everything. I asked him to order his brother to stop the destroying of forests.

     And my grandpa and all my friends and I went to visit the man. My grandpa told his brother to be a good person as their parents taught them.

     Doctor Coloso finally hugged my grandpa and even cried. He promised us all to help preserve nature from now on.

     We all clapped to his decision. What a lovely ending!

mentor: Ana Rajčević

OŠ Sikirevci