Let's build a story!

The map to the enchanted forest

by Antonio Jelić, grade 6

The map to the enchanted forest


A while ago, there was a guy called Jack. Jack was ten years old and he loved chewing gums. He was obsessed. He was a single child in his family. He also had a balloon and he knew how to fly it.

One day, Jack decided to visit his grandpa. Grandpa lived pretty close so Jack walked to his house. Near grandpa's house lived Jessica. She lived in a small house with her mom. Jessica was Jack's girlfriend, so he asked her to come to grandpa's place. And there in grandpa's house, grandpa, Jack and Jessica read „Family memories“ and Jessica laughed when she saw some silly photos of Jack.

Suddenly, grandpa closed the book and said: „I'm going to the kitchen to get something.“ The children decided to go to the attic and there they found a giant chest. Of course, they opened it. They found lots of weird old stuff.

All of a sudden, a talking rabbit, a bear and a squirrel appeared. Jack and Jessica were terrified. When the animals said: „Hello!“, the kids screamed. After a while, Jack and Jessica realized that those animals were actually people trapped inside animals' bodies. The couple wanted to help them, but they didn't know how. Then the bear pulled out a map and showed them where the scientist that turned them into animals was.

Jack grabbed a weird box with a button on it. The bear explained to them that the book would transfer them inside the map, so they grabbed many items from the attic in case they needed them and pushed the button.

All of a sudden, they were on the other corner of the map and they had to walk. Jack didn't have his balloon so after an hour, they threw away all the stuff from the attic. Jack looked through his binoculars and saw how robots were cutting down the forest. Many animals lost their natural habitat.

The moon was already high in the sky, so they slept on the ground. In the morning, they continued the journey to the mad scientist's house. Jack and Jessica barged in while the scientist was making electricity by destroying nature. The team was literally trying to destroy the lab until the scientist saw them. They tied him up and after a while, they figured out how to do stop the process. All of the forest was black and the bear, the squirrel and the rabbit turned into humans again.

Jack felt something on his lips and when he opened his eyes… suddenly they appeared in the attic again. They came downstairs expecting grandpa to be worried. Then they realized the time was going slower in the map! They sighed. The animals were gone, Jack got a whole lot of chewing gums and Jessica got a balloon. They never saw any of the people from the forest again.

mentor: Emina Borković

OŠ Vladimir Nazor