Let's build a story!

What would happen if.....

by Marija Božulić, grade 7


What would happen if......


One day an old man called Mike was sitting in his living room. The rain was pouring outside and there was nothing interesting on TV. He didn't know what to do ,but then he accidentally looked up and saw his childhood album. So he stood up,took the album and started looking at his old photos. As soon as he opened the album the memories arose. He remembered his first pet,his cat Jamie. He remembered how they used to play together and how she used to sit in his lap and cuddle for hours. On the following page there was a photo of him swinging above the river near the forest. He closed his eyes and felt the fresh breeze on his cheeks,exactly how it used to be. The next photo made him think. On that photo there were Lucy and Toby the bear,his best childhood friends. But there was something unusal about that photo,both of them had serious looks on their faces and trust me that was very unusual. And then Mike remembered and went back to the past...

That day Mike enjoyed swinging above the river when suddenly Lucy and Toby showed up in front of him looking scared and worried. At first Mike didn't realise what was happening but then Lucy explained everything to him and gave him binoculars to have a look on his own. Earlier that morning Lucy and Toby were walking near the forest when they heard someone laughing wickedly. They were curious so they went to check it out. In the middle of the woods there was a strange house. Inside,there was a scientist in a lab coat doing experiments and drawing. On one drawing there was a sad fox looking at a dredge cutting off the forest and on the other one there was a drawing of a plan looking like some kind of a treasure map. On that map,there were only a few trees  because most of the woods was cut off. There were rails and a train,a bike,a car and even a boat. Also,there was a huge castle and some animals like owls and snakes. Lucy and Toby immediately figured out that he was planning to destroy their forest. Right away,they knew they will have to take the matter in their own hands and stop that man from pursuing his plans. They spent hours thinking and finally came up with an idea. To banish the mad scientist they had to scare him. Mike suggested that they should check out his old chest full of toys on the attic.The group agreed and went back to his home. Up in the attic they opened the old chest and found all the necessary stuff to create their imaginary creature. They used an old Halloween costume of a crocodile,an indian hat, a pirate's equipment,an umbrella and a broom. Their little helpers,squirrel Skippy and rabbit Eddie,also joined them in their mission. Skippy disquised as a thief with a black mask and a cape. Meanwhile, Eddie put on a helmet and grabbed a shield like  a real hero. When they dressed the mission began. As they got closer to their target the excitement grew. You could've heard their hearts beating. The group silently sneaked up to the window. The mad scientist was just about to complete his evil plan. When suddenly...A frightening four-legged creature with a big head and a long tail started making strange and scary sounds. When the lights turned on,a shadow appeared on the wall,  shaped like a horibble monster. The scientist got scared,he didn't know what was going on. He instinctively jumped and mixed up all his drawings and broke his tools. He knew that it will take him years to redo the damage,so he gave up on his plans.Hurray! The mission was acomplished. The forest was saved. Now they could keep enjoying themselves without any worries,  in all the beauties nature could offer.

Remembering this childhood adventure, grandpa Mike thought of what would happen if he and his friends didn't stop the scientist. Since that forest meant so much to them, it would have been a disaster. But luckily, due to their cleverness and courage, the three happy friends saved the forest.

mentor: Ivka Šarlija

OŠ Šimuna Kožičića Benje